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  • Siberian tiger
    Lumber Liquidators illegal logging of Siberian tiger habitat
    A shocking new report shows direct ties between hardwood flooring giant Lumber Liquidators, organized crime, and the illegal logging of the habitat of the last 450 Siberian Tigers. This shameless disregard for the last few remaining members of the...
  • Welcome to "Enlightened" wildlife management
    Forests, wolves, can manage themselves just fine, thank you
    Is man more capable than nature at managing ecosystems?A lot of rhetoric is passed along with little thought, or on the basis of misleading information. Special-interest groups purposefully skew things in their favor by sprinkling self-serving ...
  • Morton Loggers Jubilee
    Morton Loggers Jubilee: 'Granddaddy of all logging shows' marks 70 years
    Each year during the second weekend of August, the community of Morton in Lewis County, WA celebrates with the world during its annual Morton Loggers Jubilee. Known as "the granddaddy of all logging shows," this year's edition is...
  • Camp 18
    Beach Trip Breakfasts at Camp 18
    We in the 'Couv are pretty crazy about the beach. Favorite destinations: Cannon Beach, Seaside and Manzanita. If you plan it just right, you can leave early in the morning and hit Camp 18 Restaurant in time for breakfast.Then again, if you...
  • Senator Franken demands answers regarding secret keystroke logging
    Keystrokes, controversy and countermeasures
    Almost everybody on the web - or with a mobile device - has heard of the controversies surrounding keystroke logging. The reason that folks have a fear of "keystroking" is that they tend to associate it with malware and viruses. Perhaps...
  • Logging monument
    Notched stumps serve as monuments to Washington's rich logging history
    Washington has a rich history of logging. You don’t have to look very far to find evidence of Seattle’s logging past. The most obvious evidence of loggers of a bygone era are the large stumps that can still be found all over the area...
  • Logging
    Grizzly bear research gets Forest Service back in business
    In a September 28 Billings Gazette letter to the editor, Steve Torrey ofCody, Wyo. had theaudacity to ask why Yellowstone area grizzly "bears have been researched since 1959--51 years. What is it we do not understand about the bears?"The...
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