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  • Semator Rand Paul fight NSA spying
    Obama tries to keep U.S. phone data: uses NSA to lobby
    BBC News reports that the National Security Agency (NSA) chief General Keith Alexander spent yesterday lobbying Congressmen to vote against the proposed measure that would remove government funding for data gathering by the NSA. The measure is set...
  • Stained Glass
    Pittsburgh Area Attractions: Stained glass windows in lobby of USW building
    One of the sights a person can see onthe downtownart walking tour in Pittsburgh is thestained glass windows located in the lobby of the United Steel Workers building. They were created by artist Donna Bogosto Kearns in collaboration with the...
  • Atrium
    Atriums let the spirit soar
    Think about walking into some of your favorite commercial buildings. Chances are, one or more of them have a knock-out atrium for their entry. It’s that “WOW, look at that…” feeling that sometimes stops your customers in...
  • sad_bulldog.jpg
    Georgia Humane Lobby Day Thursday February 17th 2011
    It's finally here! Your day to speak-up for improving animal welfare laws and bettering the lives of your favorite little critters. February 17th Thursday is Georgia Humane Lobby Day. This is an opportunity to join The Humane Society of the...
  • Newt Gingrich advocates legislation to push states into bankruptcy
    Newt Gingrich advocates legislation to push states into bankruptcy
    Newt Gingrich is an interesting man in American politics. He claims to be an expert in history and the political system by his many books and lecture series written on each subject, and yet, many of his speeches and actions show that he supports...