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  • Bake this bread according to your schedule
    Make-ahead bread that waits for you to bake it
    Over the years of my writing this column, I have written a number of articles on bread baking, mostly since it's a hobby I enjoy. Many cooks in this new generation are discovering it for the first time and many veteran cooks are rediscovering...
  • Salmon made in an easy way
    Salmon made in an easy way
    Of all the types of fish there are, I love salmon best of all! I've always enjoyed salmon prepared in virtually every way you can think of. Growing up, salmon patties (or "croquettes) were always a favorite. When I go to a restaurant, I...
  • Bread that can pass as a cake
    Bread that can pass as a cake
    It's no doubt that the all-time favorite cookie in America is the chocolate chip (or the original name, the Toll House Cookie.) Next to apple pie, it's about as all-American as American cuisine can be. But how about a slant on this old...
  • Sourdough-a 1970's favorite
    Sourdough-a 1970's favorite
    During the 1970's, bread baking was making a comeback on kitchens across America. Though it never actually died out, we saw more people baking with yeast and trying their hand at making homemade yeast breads. One type of bread that really...
  • A bread loaded with cheese and nuts
    A bread loaded with nuts and cheese
    Cheese is a food that's nutrition-packed, full of flavor and versatile. By checking out the local supermarkets, especially those that have a deli section, you can see that there's multitudes of cheese to choose from, according to your...
  • English muffins made into a loaf
    English muffins made into a loaf
    A popular breakfast bread with many of us is a toasted English muffin. They tend to be staple items in many homes and seem to be almost aspopular as loaf bread. Splitting one open, spreading it with butter and toasting it always tastes good in the...
  • Live Oak Arts Festival
    Pascagoula: Third annual Live Oak Arts Festival
    The downtown area of Pascagoula is poised to wake up at 9:00am on Saturday when activities kick off for the third annual Live Oak Arts Festival.This daylong event also will offer entertainment, food and fun as well as focus on the city oak trees...
  • A specia Easter breakfast treat
    A special Easter breakfast treat
    With all the time and effort going into your Easter meal this Sunday, let's not forget to have something special for breakfast on that special day! Many will be arising early to attend Sunrise Services, followed by a special worship service...
  • Salmon...A Tasty Way to be Heart-Healthy
    Salmon...A Tasty Way to Heart-Health
    Over the last few years, health authorities have stated that it's important to eat more foods with Omega-3, which benefits the heart against heart disease. Cold-water fish is said to be very rich in Omega-3, and that includes salmon. Salmon is...
  • Lemon Tea Loaves for Spring
    Lemon tea loaves for spring
    Lemon must be the flavor of spring - from a squirt of citrus on spring's first asparagus to that potluck favorite, Lemon Icebox Pie, the familiar lemon fruit is ubiquitous (and always delicious).To get your lemon fix, here's a lovely Lemon...
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