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  • Hot Toys for the Holidays and Beyond!
    Hot Holiday Toys for Kids this Holiday Season
    I've discovered two awesome toys for the kids this holiday season and both are sure to put a huge smile on your little one's face, whether it's Christmas morning or any other day of the year. The first one is for the crafty
  • 7 tips for keeping leather boots better than new
    7 tips for keeping leather boots better than new
    Leather boots tend to be costly, but they can also be worth their weight in gold, if they are well made with excellent materials. A quality pair of genuine leather boots or shoes can last a long time. In fact, even a well-preserved pair of used...
  • Traveling during the holidays
    Stress less during the holidays: some tips
    There are a lot of Christmas picture-perfect moments. Unfortunately, most of those are on TV. The reality of Christmas can be very different, very stressful. The holiday brings families together, elicits awe and wonder on youthful faces and...
  • Dino Hunter UV Night Vision Goggles
    Dino Hunter UV Night Vision Goggles from Uncle Milton Toys
    Little boys love two sons think Dinosaurs are really cool! Maybe it's the intrigue of prehistoric creatures and something that isn't familiar to them, but they love watching movies and playing with anything Dino related.I...
  • Go Caroling Day:  Spread holiday cheer with the sounds of Christmas
    Go Caroling Day: Spread holiday cheer with the sounds of Christmas
    If you need a little help getting in the holiday spirit, you’re in luck. Dec. 20 is all about the sounds of music. While the origins are unknown, it’s Go Caroling Day, an annual holiday that celebrates caroling - when a group of...
  • Make-ahead appetizers
    Easy & inexpensive Christmas appetizers
    In our family it's traditional to have a simple 'appetizer night' onChristmas Eve. Finger foods and easy creations are always a big hit with the family, and with me because they're easy and inexpensive to make. Here are a few of...
  • Make a cupcake tower stand
    How to make a cupcake tower stand
    With a few supplies, and a total cost of under $ 15.00, you can make a cupcake tower stand for any occasion. No special skills required! This cupcake tower stand will hold approximately two dozen cupcakes. The tower can also be used to display...
  • Christmas dinner
    Save money on Christmas dinner with ham wars, coupons and savings
    Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus, but other Christmas traditions? Meh, not so much. Christmas dinner is getting a makeover from home-cooked to restaurant, said the Daily Mail, Dec. 18. Yahoo published an infographic which showed other holiday...
  • JIm Bob and Michelle Duggar
    Duggar thankful for LGBT gift, '19 Kids and Counting' petition boosts show
    An early Christmas present from the LGBT community to the Duggar family? That's what what the petition to end their TLC show "19 Kids and Counting" seems to have been. Patriarch Jim Bob Duggar thanked gays for their petition to axe...
  • Last minute holiday gifts!
    Amazon, Walmart deals delivered in time for Christmas: HDTV's, Xbox, toys & more
    With Christmas only one week away it's time to finish that last minute holiday shopping and thanks to modern technology you don't even have to leave home to do so! If you are still looking for that perfect gift have no fear, you still have...
  • Uncrowded store hours around town
    Uncrowded store hours around town
    In El Paso, TX many of stores have opened their doors at a much earlier time than usual allowing guest to arrive sooner to accommodate their shopping needs.During the Christmas season this week and next many of the stores are available to the...
  • Satanic Christmas display
    Michigan allows Christian nativity and Satanic Christmas display at capitol
    Michigan State Democrats and Republicans have finally agreed on something. The Satanic Christmas display won't be the lone religious icon at the Capitol this year. "Snake-tivity" will soon share lawn space with a Christian nativity....
  • My 600 Pound Life
    'My 600-Pound Life' sounds red alert; don't wait for New Year, lose weight now
    The third season of "My 600-Pound Life" airs Jan. 7, reported TV By the Numbers Dec. 15. The show features exactly what the name implies--people who weigh in near, at or over 600 pounds. That's equal to 3-5 normal adults . How did...
  • Simply Vera Vera Wang Christmas gift ideas
    Simply Vera Vera Wang last minute gifts
    Being last minute with your Christmas shopping can have its benefits. Some items from the Simply Vera Vera Wang collection at Kohl’s are on sale. Some examples:Sparkle & Fade Tech GlovesFor those of you who have to stay connected even in...
  • one of Bridget's Christmas cards
    Single woman outed from family Christmas card, sends crude, but funny greetings
    There's a nebulous and pervasive link between married women and mothers and Christmas. They're the traditional bakers of cookies, senders of cards, shoppers for and wrappers of gifts. So Christmas must be a time for single women to be left...