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  • Google wants to extend your lifespan by age five hundred
    Google wants to extend your lifespan by age five hundred
    Think that one day people will be living past the age 100? Think that the average lifespan will be 500? So does Google Venture's president and managing partner, Bill Maris. According to the March 9 reports from both Fortune and the Telegraph,...
  •  Anti-Obamacare protesters
    How the left regards aging, as opposed to how science views it
    Two articles that ran on Wednesday in the Atlantic reveal, in stark terms, how the left regards aging as opposed to how science does. Ezekiel J. Emmanuel suggests that he would not (and by implication you should not) want to live past the age of...
  • African Grey
    This pet will likely out-live you – The African Grey
    The African Grey is one of a kind. The African Grey Parrot has a unique sense of humor and often takes on the personality of its owner, right down to the sound of his or her voice. Owners of the African Grey tell stories of the parrot answering...
  •  Do males also affect the lifespan of females in other species, such as mammals?
    Do males also affect the lifespan of females in other species, such as mammals?
    A new Stanford University Medical Center study suggests why, in some species, mere presence of males shortens females' lifespan. Researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine have discovered that males of the laboratory roundworm...
  • Contemplate the decades
    Contemplate the decades
    What is the meaning of being (insert your age here) to you? It is really important to think about your present age and consider what this time in your life really means. It is different for everyone but the real challenge is conjuring a response...
  • Brain area that controls aging discovered
    Brain area that controls aging discovered
    For thousands of years, explorers have set out on a quest for the fountain of youth. Now, researchers at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine have found that the elusive source of eternal youth may lie within our brain. They published the...
  • Vegetables
    Does a vegetarian diet increase your lifespan?
    There is a growing awareness about the benefits of shifting the emphasis from red meats to vegetarian diets. People are now adopting vegetarian diets in a bid to implement healthier choices. While excessive consumption of red meats is directly to...
  • Cigarette butt
    Report: Five unhealthy habits decreases lifespans in Ontario by 7 years
    Toronto -A lot of people in the Western world practice atrophy. But do you want to live longer in Ontario? Put down that can of beer and go for a walk without a cigarette in your hand to increase the amount of years you want to live.According to a...
  • Treadmills
    Fifteen minutes of exercise daily increases longevity
    A study published online in the medical journal The Lancet, reports that as little as 15 minutes of exercise daily can reduce mortality and increase your life span.The Utah Department of Health suggests most health benefits of exercise occur with...
  • Grim Reaper
    OTC blood test coming to determine your biological age, longevity
    Follow me on Twitterandon FacebookA new blood test that will come on the market later this year in over-the-counter form is raising questions about just how much we should know, and what will be done with that knowledge. The test will, the maker...
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