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Health & Fitness

  • Thought
    The sadistic/assertive personality, part 1
    The following is an account of the subtypes formulated by Theodore Millon of the "sadistic/assertive" personality type.1) Spineless (avoidant features) - insecure, fake, cowardly, cruel and venomous, uses group support to counteract...
  • Scientists say superbug threat is as grave as climate change
    America is going through an antibiotic crisis
    America is experiencing an antibiotic crisis. Superbugs are on the rise infecting two million Americans each year, and killing 37,000.In 2010, Peggy Lillis died from taking an antibiotic after she had a routine root canal. The antibiotic killed...
  • 7 tips for eating less red meat & processed foods
    7 tips for eating less red meat & processed foods
    “Eating red meat, any amount and any type, appears to significantly increase the risk of premature death.” This was the conclusion from a study back in 2012 by the prestigious Harvard School of Public Health in Boston that included 37...


Home Improvement

Family & Parenting

  • LEGO bricks have been used for lots of projects...including re-creating classic works of art!
    LEGO partakes in the Nation of Makers
    Creativity is a valuable trait in people. In proof of this fact, President Obama recently announced the “National Week of Making,” a program intended to honor creative people and promote DIY projects and hands-on craftiness. In...
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
    'Mad Max: Fury Road' raises the bar for action films
    Director George Miller creates a fast paced, thrill seeking adventure in Mad Max: Fury Road,which stars Tom Hardy in the title role, Charlize Theron as the beautifully tragic Imperator Furiosa, and Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe. The film...
  • baseball tickets, Mariners, AquaSox
    Name your price baseball tickets and help others on Good Karma Mondays
    Take the family to a ball game and help out a local non-profit organization at the same time. At each Good Karma Monday, AquaSox baseball fans are able to name their own price for that nights upper view seats with 50% proceeds going to local...
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