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Health & Fitness

  • Bambo Nature Diapers
    Review: Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Diapers
    What goes on our skin, goes in our skin. I think about that a lot when buying products for my kids, especially diapers. Don't even get me started on the enormous amount of diapers found in landfills. I feel a personal obligation to cut my...
  • Sad
    Antidepressants cause emotional numbness, researchers suggest
    While clearly helpful with depression and anxiety disorders, SSRIs may have troubling emotional side effects. One study suggests the usefulness of a clinical construct known as "indifference." Behaviorally, the individual taking the drug...
  • My 600-Lb. Life Angel's Story
    'My 600-Lb. Life' takes viewers on ‘Angel’s Story’ on TLC
    Tonight’s episode of “My 600-Lb. Life” gave viewers a glimpse into the life of a morbidly obese woman. This series explores a year in the life of 600-pound individuals trying to regain control of their lives. Angel Parrish is one...


Home Improvement

  • Refrigerator Cleaning and Organizing
    Refrigerator Cleaning and Organizing
    Having a clean and organized refrigerator can help save you time when planning what to eat for meals and money on groceries. Here are some suggestions that might help you to save time and money.Start organizing your refrigerator by removing all of...
  • Black Lace Elder
    MARCH: THE ELDERBERRY FAMILYGlacier View Landscape and Design was hard at work planting in February’s warm spell here along the Front Range and we were landscaping Boulder Colorado’s finest residences, but alas, the snow arrived full...
  • Celebrate National Nutrition Month this March
    Celebrate National Nutrition Month this March
    March is a good month for preppers to become informed about good food choices and to develop sound eating habits. To become more informed about nutrition, preppers could watch a series of DVDs about the dangers of:1. Fast food.2. GMOs.3. The corn...

Family & Parenting

  • Does your daughter have her ME Kit (Menstrual Emergency Kit)?
    Does your daughter have her ME Kit (Menstrual Emergency Kit)?
    You thought you’d have more time. Having to explain the importance of feminine hygiene and your views on maxi pads vs. tampons was something you saw yourself discussing with her when she was at least a pre-teen. With hormones being sometimes...
  • Parenting expert Kelly Johnson on bonding over books
    Parenting expert Kelly Johnson on bonding over books
    In honor of National Reading Month, parents may see more opportunities and ideas for reading with their children. Contests, events, and even special reading days at school may appear on your calendar. But how can you keep up the bonding over books...
  • Farmers' markets for spring food shopping
    Farmers' markets for spring food shopping
    Spring is just around the corner, and healthy family meals with fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to begin the new season. If you ask your children the question of where fruits and vegetables come from, they will most likely say "...