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Health & Fitness

  • Health alert: Pure powdered caffeine can cause death
    Health alert: Pure powdered caffeine can cause death
    The FDA is warning consumers about the use of pure powdered caffeine, and is working to build up a legal case against the companies that sell it following the death of at least two people (an Ohio teen and man from Georgia). In fact, some major...
  • 2CW-HI Fitness
    Simple tips to stay healthy over the holidays
    1. Keep hydratedFiltered water is your best option, with a pinch of unrefined salt (Himalayan rock salt or Celtic sea salt is great) to replace some of the minerals lost through the filtration process and maintain adequate salt levels in the blood...
  • Importance of self improvement
    The Importance of Self Improvement
    People, often do not understand the importance of self improvement. They don’t realize that their shortcomings may be the real obstruction in their path to success. While the situations of life challenge us and sometimes even put us off the...


Home Improvement

  • Bite your tongue
    Business Sense; Learn how to bite your tongue
    We have all experienced the classroom setting with an instructor that does not know when to shut up. Although most speakers are well-intentioned, without a sense of audience reception the expressed information can be quickly lost. Classes or...
  • 2015 Home Remodeling Outlook
    Home Remodeling 2015 Outlook
    It was a good year in home remodeling and the fourth quarter finished strong. For my business, there was a significant increase in inquiries and traffic to our website starting in July. I attribute this to the improving economy, property values...
  • Stress management is a valuable prepper skill
    Stress management is a valuable prepper skill
    Disasters can create enormous stress in their victims. Preppers who use stress management techniques well will provide the leadership that their families and communities need. If they learn good stress management techniques before a disaster...

Family & Parenting

  • Five candy-free alternatives you should give this Hallloween
    Five candy-free alternatives you should give this Halloween
    Halloween is just around the corner, and you might be wondering what you should hand out to trick-or-treaters this year. If you’re concerned about health issues or know that many children in your neighborhood have allergies, then consider...
  • Tuition Bill
    10 Universities with the least expensive out of state tuition
    Not all colleges are overpriced and some will fit nicely within the budget constraints of parents, according to a US News and World Report article published on October 14, 2014.Tuition growth is slowing, but for parents of high school students...
  • Christmas Tree Fire in Setauket
    Christmas Tree Fire in Setauket
    A Setauket family experienced a horrific tragedy when their home went up in flames during dinner on Christmas Eve. The family, including two young children, were able to make it out of the home unharmed. The two-story home on North Ridge Road was...