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  • Dr. Oz body type weight loss
    Dr. Oz: Find your eating personality type to discover your best weight loss plan
    Do you struggle with your weight, repeatedly gaining and losing the same pounds over and over? By discovering your own unique eating personality type, you can finally achieve your weight loss goals with a personalized diet, says Dr. Mehmet Oz. He...
  • Overweight Chinese students run during training at a camp held for overweight kids at a local university in Beijing, China.
    Obese kids are at risk for a lot of health problems
    There has been a growing awareness of the enormous scale of the obesity problem in children across the United States and worldwide. Obesity presents kids with a lot more problems than just concerns about their appearance. UC San Diego reported on...
  • HIV in America in 2011
    Small progress made in fight against HIV
    The Centers for Disease Control released a report titled "Vital Signs: HIV Diagnosis, Care, and Treatment Among Persons Living with HIV — United States, 2011" on Nov. 25. While the data is three years old, the study shows that some...


Home Improvement

  • Rioting in Ferguson
    Hands Up for Justice plans protest outside Cincinnati federal courthouse
    Cincinnatian's are planning peaceful protest over a grand jury's decision not to indict Missouri police officer, Darren Wilson, in the shooting of Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo. The grand jury consisting of nine whites and three blacks...
  • What are convenient excuses to sabotage diets?
    What are convenient excuses to sabotage diets?
    Not gaining any more weight is hard enough, let alone actually losing weight. This article will discuss why it is so hard to maintain the proper weight over the course of a year. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.In January, the days are short...
  • North Branch Projects closes; other Chicago bookbinding locations
    North Branch Projects closes; other Chicago bookbinding locations
    The first article published in this Chicago DIY series was about the North Branch Projects workshop, a bookbinding workshop in Albany Park that sold handmade books of high quality and offered workshops and classes that taught the art of crafting...

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