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  • Don't be defined by disability
    Don't be defined by disability
    I recently read an article about a writer with cerebral palsy who had a professor who said her disability was the most interesting thing about her. It made me think about my own life and wonder how people perceive me.I have fought hard not to be...
  • Detoxes and Cleanses
    Do You Need A Detox?
    Should I do a detox?What exactly is a detox and is it necessary? Detoxes have long been hailed as a magic solution for weight loss and a cure for whatever else is a threat to one's physical health. The question remains: Do detoxes or &ldquo...
  • Halloween Treats That Won't Wreck Your Waistline
    Halloween Treats That Won't Wreck Your Waistline
    Who says Halloween is just for kids?Savvy parents know that leftover candy, chocolate and treats around the house are a gold mine for post trick or treat eating. Unfortunately, although kids usually burn off this excess sugar, adults later see the...


  • Skinned dogs found in woods near White Cloud
    Two dogs found bound and skinned in Newaygo County
    Two Newaygo County women came upon a horrific scene when riding their horses in the woods near White Cloud Thursday, October 23, 2014. Mary McIntire and Ashley Schaner found two dogs that had been completely skinned, according to WZZM13.Though...
  • Halloween cookies your cat can enjoy
    Halloween treats your cat can enjoy
    Halloween is coming, which means costumes, decorations and treats. Of course, we know that Halloween treats like cookies, candy and cupcakes aren't good for pets. Some of us have cats that won't tolerate having a costume put on them,...
  • Every dog can with trauma
    Oxytocin, trauma, PTSD, and healing: hug a dog today
    In the article “Ebola and the dog, to kill or not to kill,” it was mentioned that if a dog owned by an Ebola patient is killed, then the patient may not be able to benefit from healing hormones like Oxytocin that they receive when in...

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Family & Parenting

  • Five candy-free alternatives you should give this Hallloween
    Five candy-free alternatives you should give this Halloween
    Halloween is just around the corner, and you might be wondering what you should hand out to trick-or-treaters this year. If you’re concerned about health issues or know that many children in your neighborhood have allergies, then consider...
  • Tuition Bill
    10 Universities with the least expensive out of state tuition
    Not all colleges are overpriced and some will fit nicely within the budget constraints of parents, according to a US News and World Report article published on October 14, 2014.Tuition growth is slowing, but for parents of high school students...
  • Taste of Atlanta
    Taste of Atlanta Kicks off This Weekend
    Get out the elastic pants. The Taste of Atlanta is back in town. Kicking off tonight with a kickoff party, the midtown festival continues Saturday 10/25 and Sunday 10/26. Taste of Atlanta is the city's premier food, wine, beer & cocktail...