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Health & Fitness

  • FSA and HSA account are an advantage to employees
    Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account advantages for 2015
    Open Enrollment season is upon us. It is the time of year when millions of Americans are handed benefit options for the upcoming year, and stare in wonderment at what exactly they are reading. In the simplest of terms; insurance is confusing. But...
  • Hickox quarantine in Maine
    Judge rules on Ebola nurse's freedom
    Nurse Kaci Hickox has a point to make about treatment of Americans returning from southwest Africa, where Ebola has been raging and waning. Today, Charles LaVerdiere, chief judge of Maine District Court, withdrew restrictions and said Hickox...
  • The Teal Pumpkin Project poster
    Not too late to join the Teal Pumpkin Project
    Halloween is a magical time of fun and games and especially candy for most American children. But what if a single harmless piece of candy could kill your child? That can take the fun out of Halloween quickly.Food Allergies in the United...


Home Improvement

  • California Drought
    Water-saving tips for California homeowners and businesses
    California continues to be affected by a long-term drought, especially the areas that encompass Southern California. The shortage of water is such an issue in the state that its Governor, Jerry Brown, has declared the drought a statewide emergency...
  • The craftsman
    Business Sense; "Why people don't become craftsmen"
    Modern society is obsessed with technological change and all things intellectually stimulating; probably because it’s fresh and holds promise for an unwritten future. But can we continue to progress through technology alone? Consider how...
  • Home décor: Dress your house in age appropriate styles
    Home décor: Dress your house in age appropriate styles and furnishings
    Older homes have a style all of their own. They possess their own character that comes from the many years of generations and memories they hold within their walls. The old saying, “if walls could talk” holds a special meaning in these...

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