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Health & Fitness

  • herbal medicine in the news
    Update on the herbal products testing in New York
    There has been an update in the story about the testing of herbal products that happened in New York a few weeks ago. The company GNC has admitted no wrong doing and has agreed to up their testing standards beyond what is currently required by law...
    PROBAR announces new line of meal replacement bars
    To appeal the younger market, PROBAR today announced the launch of the BROBAR Munchie, a new line of meal replacement bars from the favored energy bar company. The company believes the BROBAR fills a void in the current range of product offerings,...
  • I think I pulled my calf muscle
    I think I pulled my calf muscle
    Active individuals who partake in sports such as running, soccer, basketball, gymnastics and dancing are at increased risk of suffering from a calf strain. A calf strain is an injury to the muscles in the back of the lower leg. This can occur...


Home Improvement

  • Learn about epidemics by watching this movie
    Learn about epidemics by watching this movie
    Contagion is a 106 minute disaster thriller that was released in 2011. During the movie, a global team of CDC and WHO officials try to stop a pandemic before it rages out of control. The pandemic lasts over 100 days, and the death toll eventually...
  • Woman in bed reading
    Bed bugs affect on your health
    A bed bug infestation takes a toll on your home and your body, but can also have a serious effect on your mind. While the physical effects of bed bugs have been well documented by victims, exterminators and medical professionals, the psychological...
  • Tunnels in Turkey
    Should preppers consider living underground?
    If you must.National Geographic reports the following: “Massive Underground City Found in Cappadocia Region of Turkey, Subterranean retreat may have sheltered thousands of people in times of trouble.”When disaster strikes, one needs a...

Family & Parenting

  • 5 Facts of Baby Development
    5 basic facts of baby development
    The first year of any baby's life is always an incredible time because the baby will go through such tremendous development during that period. Such developments can take place daily, to the delight of parents, as the baby's body grows and...
  • Justin Timberlake Inspires Teens
    Justin Timberlake inspires teens at iHeartRadio Music Awards
    As Justin Timberlake accepted his Innovator Award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards on March 29th, he directed some heartfelt words of inspiration and hope to young adults everywhere:"Growing up in school no one ever called me anything close to...
  • buddingSTEM new clothing line for girls
    Science meets fashion in new line for girls by buddingSTEM
    Young girls are told more and more that they can do and be anything. Still, girl’s clothing does not reflect the full breadth of possibilities available, especially in the world of science. Enter buddingSTEM, a new science-themed clothing...
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