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  • Sobering facts about the health of the homeless
    Sobering facts about health of the homeless
    Most Americans probably already assume that the homeless do not experience the same overall good health enjoyed by most of the rest of society, but they probably don’t know just how bad it really is. Time for a reality check. It’s...
  • Flowers for DIY soap
    Amazing DIY Christmas gifts $10 and under: natural soap beauty products
    DIY Christmas gifts $10 and under can be found with natural soap beauty products. What is fun about it is you can make the recipe to fit the recipients and also for your own desires. And, as in the video, you can also add surprises into the bar of...
  • Stefan Gonick specializes in helping people find the love they want
    EFT practitioner helps people find the love they want
    Are you single and worried that you'll never meet someone with whom you can share your life? Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) — or tapping — may be the tool you need to find a healthy and happy relationship.EFT practitioner...


  • Halloween Raptor
    Halloween Costume Ideas for You and Your Dog
    Happy Halloween! Whether you're trick-or-treating, handing out candy to little ghosts and goblins, or attending a Halloween party, consider including your dog for a fun twist on your costume.Before including your dog in the festivities, take a...
  • Caturday rules the Internet with LOLcats
    Caturday: Origins and evolution of a popular Internet meme
    Caturday is a major part of the Internet on Saturday, because, as we all know, cats rule the Internet. Its origins go way back, and was apparently spawned by the proliferation of LOLcats in the Internet age. Today, many websites (whether they'...
  • Gary Stevens returns to the Breeders' Cup with a new knee and high hopes
    Gary Stevens returns to Breeders' Cup with a new knee and high hopes
    Veteran Jockey Gary Stevens is set to return to riding in the Breeders’ Cup after being sidelined for more than 3 months following total knee replacement surgery. Stevens, who already has 10 Breeder’s Cup wins including the Breeders&...

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