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Health & Fitness

  • Sharp rise in narcolepsy tied to swine flu vaccine
    Sharp rise in narcolepsy tied to swine flu vaccine
    While flu has been linked to a number of sleeping orders for close to 100 years (or more), doctors in Europe have now connected the Pandemrix (made by GlaxoSmithKline) vaccine created to guard against the H1Ni strain of swine flu to a sharp...
  • What to Pack for a Safe Gluten-Free Beach Trip
    What to Pack for a Safe Gluten-Free Beach Trip
    It’s 4th of July week, a popular time for Philadelphians to go “down the shore” for some fun in the sun. Whether you’re headed to Atlantic City, Ocean City, Wildwood, Sea Isle City, or another favorite New Jersey beach town...
  • Stressors
    Lifelong health requirements and suggestions
    Lifelong Health requires more than an apple a day. Most people are aware that negative lifestyle habits like smoking and excessive alcohol can lead to rapid aging. But what about the repeated stress and poor nutrition that are so often a part of a...


Home Improvement

  • Flooding Concerns in Baltimore
    Flooding Concerns in Baltimore
    The city of Baltimore located on the Inner Harbor of the Patapsco River is a city that has grown up around this body of water. However, this source of economic power can have tremendous destructive power when rising up, because of a bad storm....
  • This mockumentary reveals the dark side of multilevel-marketing
    This mockumentary reveals the dark side of multilevel-marketing
    The review of the 2007 mockumentary movie, “Believe,” involved 79 minutes of humor and revelations. It followed the fortunes of an unemployed steelworker, Adam Pendon, as he joined an exploitive multilevel-marketing company that was...
  • Is your ceiling fan costing you money?
    The direction your ceiling fan must turn this summer to save you money
    Is your ceiling fan cooling your home properly? It may not be if it is turning the wrong way.In the summer, make sure your ceiling fan is turning counter-clockwise. Is that hard to remember? Hint: Think counter-clockwise for controlling cooling...

Family & Parenting

  • Review-Lux Salon and beauty bar
    Mom's Choice Review-Lux Salon and beauty bar
    There have been very few hairdressers who I have trusted with my hair over the years. When searching for one, I take several things into account.Are they local?Are they real? I don’t like being stuck next to fake people for any length of...
  • Photo: bully-free zone by Eddie-S via Flickr
    Signs you may be a cyberbully parent
    Recent news headlines feature the trend of parents publicly shamming children which is not the same thing as genuine discipline. People who choose to publicly shame their children may perceive that they are giving “tough love” to help...
  • Apple picking
    Maryland Science Center: Pickling, Canning, and More
    Fruit is growing with wild abandon. Farms all over Maryland are harvesting crops or offering pick-your-own fruit picking opportunities. Trees are sprouting apples and other fruit. Bushes are overflowing with blackberries, blueberries, and more...
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