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  • Chewy has died
    Chained dog at center of social media furor in Michigan is dead
    According to Friday's, the Michigan dog at the center of a social media push to save him from life on a chain, is dead.The mixed breed dog named "Chewy," lived in Gobles and he became the subject of internet attention after...
  • nap time
    From the parrot's beak: of parrots and turkeys edition
    - Wunsy the African grey saves owner from attack. Now there's something to be thankful for!: Macaw massacre denied: by theAra Project for conserving rare macaws. Rebutting recent...
  • Blanketing horses
    Blanketing horses
    Winter has come early in Wisconsin with a month left of fall the temperatures have dipped into the teens and the question remains whether or not to blanket horses. There are basic rules of thumb and signs to watch for to make this decision.Horses...

Home Improvement

  • Try this cheap, convenient, fun workout
    Try this cheap, convenient, fun workout
    This article will discuss the advantages of homeworkouts compared to the traditional gym workouts that have many disadvantages. In traditional gym workouts, for example, members will:1. Drive to the gym.2. Come to expect that they will encounter...
  • What are some ways to lose weight?
    What are some ways to lose weight?
    The health of overweight people will be at risk, not only during a disaster, but also during normal times. This article will discuss how people can motivate themselves to slim down and keep any excess weight off of their bodies. Because it takes...
  • Hello Global Community
    Nashville's Big Family Talk
    NATIONAL NEWS A very heartfelt note of gratitude to all who will take a little time to read this. Often times when the economy weakens, small and medium sized businesses are hit the hardest and for many years I have owned my own businesses....

Family & Parenting

  • Five candy-free alternatives you should give this Hallloween
    Five candy-free alternatives you should give this Halloween
    Halloween is just around the corner, and you might be wondering what you should hand out to trick-or-treaters this year. If you’re concerned about health issues or know that many children in your neighborhood have allergies, then consider...
  • Tuition Bill
    10 Universities with the least expensive out of state tuition
    Not all colleges are overpriced and some will fit nicely within the budget constraints of parents, according to a US News and World Report article published on October 14, 2014.Tuition growth is slowing, but for parents of high school students...
  • Turkeys are a main part of Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving Day turkey songs for kids
    Turkeys are large birds, both wild and domestic. The Pilgrims hunted wild turkeys for their Thanksgiving feast and this bird has become a tradition in most American families for this holiday. Turkeys walk with a specific waddle that children love...