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Health & Fitness

  • Sweet treats for celiacs!
    Sweet treats for celiacs!
    Celiac’s crave sweet treats too! But, for more and more people with gluten sensitivities, flour and wheat based desserts are totally off limits. "There are so many people around with allergies; so it's really good to have lots of...
  • Change your thinking change your life
    Change your thinking change your life
    Where we pay attention will also direct our life. Most people don’t use this tremendous tool. The quality of our life is determined by who we are and how we use our mind. The nature of our life determines whether life is sad. There are...
    LITEHOUSE FREEZE-DRIED LEMONGRASS - As close to fresh as you can get!
    Well, they are freeze-dried fresh herbs. This means, with a drop of water they come back to life – with all the flavor, nutrients, and even shape!Did you know…?Lemongrass is a perennial and intensely fragrant herb, native to Asia, and...


  • Rescued
    Two German shepherds rescued from busy roadway by police officer
    Two roaming German shepherds were rescued from harm's way last week by a Sanford, Florida, police officer who spotted them walking down a busy roadway. On May 22, the Sanford Police Department posted about how Officer Brian Mcintosh corralled...
  • Johnny Depp faces 10 years in prison for illegal entry of dogs into Australia
    Johnny Depp faces 10 years in prison for illegal entry of dogs into Australia
    Heartthrob actor Johnny Depp could face ten years in prison for breaking Australia's quarantine laws after bringing his two Yorkshire terriers into the country and failing to declare them, reports the Guardian.On May 25, an Australian senate...
  • Dog Etiquette
    Fido's poo can cost you
    It's a beautiful day to walk Fido and your pup has just finished doing his morning 'business.' As you walk away noticing the peaceful serene of the moment, you hear that all familiar 'whoop, whoop' behind you. Yes, you are...

Home Improvement

  • Infographic: Daily Dose of Metal
    Infographic: Daily Dose Of Metal
    Metal is used in transportation, shelter, energy, communication, healthcare, security, food, and arts & entertainment. The St. Louis Arch is an example of how metal makes possible the construction of large man-made monuments that can withstand...
  • Hobbies can make your family members better preppers
    Hobbies can make your family members better preppers
    This article will suggest different hobbies that preppers should encourage their family members to consider. Casual talk about such a hobby could lead to a spark of interest from a family member. Then, the prepper can try to encourage that family...
  • Commercial Water Damage in Baltimore, Maryland
    Commercial Water Damage in Baltimore
    Baltimore Maryland is one of the Eastern US's premier cities. Like most cities on the east coast, it's close to the Atlantic Ocean, and it's a susceptible to flooding and other perils of being near these large water areas. Also, like...

Family & Parenting

  • Unfortunate In Air Meltdown
    Unfortunate In Air Meltdown
    As a parent of a child with special needs, you are hyper aware of your child’s moods and triggers. You try to fulfill his or her requirements without too much disturbance to other the people around. Sometimes, however, the situation does not...
  • Keep your children safe during swim season
    Chicago swim expert offers 3 games meant to teach kids swim safety
    It's that time of year when families are thinking about swimming. The neighborhood pool. The beach. The backyard pool.Unfortunately, the warmer temperatures lead to more water accidents. May is National Drowning Prevention Month because as the...
  • Denver Colorado resident uses Craigslist to rent a family
    Denver Colorado resident uses Craigslist to rent a family
    Craigslist is used to advertise many things, but one young lady has succeeded in using the online service for something out of the ordinary: A human birthday enhancement, according to a Yahoo Parenting article published May 29, 2015.Natalie Carson...
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