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  • Ovarian cancer deaths
    FDA approves new drug for the treatment of ovarian cancer
    On December 19, 2014, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Lynparza (olaparib) for the treatment of women with advanced ovarian cancer associated with defective BRCA genes.Ovarian cancer is the 5th leading cause of cancer death in...
  • The line in the warming center in St. Paul's
    24th Annual Community Holiday Dinner a big success
    Fliers were everywhere, so it's too bad if you missed it! The line started before 3:30, and maybe before 3:00, and while the line of people continuously grew; it also moved quickly and entered you into a warming center, located inside St. Paul...
  • Bird flu in Oregon
    USDA reports bird flu H5N8 found in Oregon poultry
    According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the agency found the disease known as bird flu in backyard chickens in Oregon. On Friday, the USDA reported their findings of the highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N8 detected in a flock of...


  • Lost & Found Friday – December 19,  your missing cat
    Lost & Found Friday – December 19, your missing cat
    Cats are curious, and sometimes that curiosity can get them into lots of trouble. Even cats kept indoors all the time will sometimes find a way to get outside because they just have to know what's out there. When your cat goes missing, here...
  • Dunbar, West Virginia passes TNR
    Dunbar West Virginia passes TNR!
    Alley Cat Allies announces that Dunbar West Virginia Passes Trap-Neuter-Return Ordinance! This month local officials passes a positive Trap-Neuter-Return ordinance. This is the first TNR ordinance in Kanawha County, a milestone in the progress...
  • The cone of shame: How to make it less stressful for your cat
    The cone of shame: How to help your cat wear an E collar
    Things happen to our cats. They get injured, or need surgery, and they insist on trying to eat the scabs or chew the stitches out of the healing wound. Your cat is acting on his instinct to stop the discomfort from the wound, which can result in...

Home Improvement

  • Hunger is Real Thanks for the HELP!
    Walmart Heart for TN Chap Oscar Weeps!
    NASHVILLE, TN Wal-Mart makes significant donation to 3 area Food BanksThe retail giant donated $ 20,000 to each of the organizations:The Branch of NashvilleManna Cafe MinistriesThe Little Pantry That CouldThe grants will go towards updating the...
  • Save Money and the Environment by Saying No to Grass
    Save Money and the Environment by Saying No to Grass
    Landscaping in Florida is a multi-million dollar industry and basic lawn services are a large part of the sunshine state’s business structure. With small companies popping up every few years, and all of them making ends meet, it’s a...
  • Water Wise & Energy Wise Landscaping With Color
    Water Wise & Energy Wise Landscaping With Color
    When designing landscape, water conservation, energy efficiency and maintenance are 3 of the major areas to consider. A quality landscape design and construction company has the knowledge and experience to offer great solutions while still...

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