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Health & Fitness

  • Day One of 2015 Greater Gwinnett Championship
    Five at Top of Leaderboard as Rain Suspends Play in Gwinnett Golf
    Mother nature halted play with only a handful of golfers completing their round on Friday, April 17, 2015 at the 3rd annual Greater Gwinnett Championship, a PGA Tour Champion's Tour event running this week at TPC Sugarloaf in Duluth, Georgia...
  • Shiva Rea
    Celebrate Earth Day with a free online course with Shiva Rea
    Raise your consciousness in honor of Earth Day with Shiva Rea’s free online Earth Empowerment Course, April 16-25. (Sorry for the late announcement, but the original e-mail this writer received gave the start date as April 17. But you can...
  • Wild Hero Coffee Company is great for meetups
    Wild Hero Coffee Company is great for meetups
    In Mustang, Oklahoma there are numerous choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are local residents who enjoy the comfort of a coffee house setting for meeting with friends or group members. A favorite in this growing city is Wild Hero...


  • Lieutenant Dew
    It's kitten season: shelters issue call for foster 'parents'
    Feeling like your home needs a little love but you are not quite ready for commitment?Perhaps being a foster pet parent is the answer. For people who travel a lot or can’t quite decide cat v dog, which breed, big v. petite, short or long...
  • Help this Dachshund find his legs
    Brave abandoned Dachshund finds new legs on life
    An eight-year-old Dachshund that was found on the street abandoned in Nashua, New Hampshire and couldn't walk and was close to being put down.But, some caring volunteers who felt sorry for the spunky speckled Doxie they called Keebler, called...
  • Dog owners worry about canine flu outbreak in the Midwest
    Canine flu strikes the Midwest
    Dog owners in the Midwest have more than fleas and ticks to worry about this spring. As the canine influenza virus (CIV) continues to spread from Chicago, pet parents are scrambling to learn all they can about what CIV is and what they can do to...

Home Improvement

  • Avoid spoiled meat during a power blackout
    Avoid spoiled meat during a power blackout
    This article will discuss why freezing large amounts of meat is probably not the best way to prepare for possible disasters in the future. This article also will discuss an alternative to freezing large amounts of meat.Imagine that a geographical...
  • Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Roof
    Signs Your Home’s Roof is Failing
    For homeowners, performing property assessments to ensure that everything is functioning properly is important to preventing damage, dangerous conditions, and future expenses. One of the most important assessments to conduct is a roof assessment....
  • Build your prepper knowledge and skills with instructional classes
    Build your prepper knowledge and skills with instructional classes
    With regard to acquiring prepper skills and knowledge, beginning preppers are on the steep slope of their learning curves. Lucky prepper beginners will be able to learn much from more experienced, fellow preppers. Even then, much more learning is...

Family & Parenting

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