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Health & Fitness

  • Awareness
    Schizophrenia and self-awareness
    Some schizophrenics are aware of their disease and others are not. Many schizophrenics sense at the onset of their disease that something psychologically unusual is happening to them. As the disease becomes increasingly severe, however, the...
  • Lonely
    Schizophrenia and behavior change
    The numerous cognitive and sensory changes associated with schizophrenia make it unsurprising that their behavior may change. The individual may cease talking altogether and remain rigidly fixed in unusual positions. Such withdrawal is...
  • Movement
    Motor abnormalities in schizophrenia
    While the medications used to treat schizophrenia may result in motor abnormalities, the disease itself may result in changes in movement. These abnormalities were well-described long before the advent of mood stabilizers and antipsychotics. Such...


Home Improvement

  • This movie is about living in small houses
    This movie is about living in small houses
    The 2013 movie, “Tiny: A Story about Living Small,” is 62 minutes long, and it is about a couple who built their own tiny house which they attached to a trailer. They are among the many who have embraced the small house movement. These...
  • Summer, Feng Shui, and the elements: creating harmony
    Summer, Feng Shui, and the elements: creating harmony
    Summer is a time when the full spectrum of light and life is open here in the North. The Sun is bright in the skies, the Moon lights up the night, and holidays abound. In July, people celebrate the 4th of July (in the U.S.A.), Canada Day, Bastille...
  • Flooding Concerns in Baltimore
    Flooding Concerns in Baltimore
    The city of Baltimore located on the Inner Harbor of the Patapsco River is a city that has grown up around this body of water. However, this source of economic power can have tremendous destructive power when rising up, because of a bad storm....

Family & Parenting

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