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Health & Fitness

  •  “Healthy Eating is Good for Your Body”
    “Healthy Eating is Good for Your Body”
    If you are seeking healthy food that is ready-to-cook fast, that has been difficult to find. Wild Oats and Fresh & Easy have produced a new line of “Grab and Go” meals that are nourishing and without preservatives, artificial...
  • Christmas
    Now that Christmas is over, what to do?
    For many college students and young professionals, the past week or two off have been a much needed break from the hectic whirlwind that is scholarly research, final exams, and office politics. However, now that the holidays are officially over,...
  • Breakfast
    Better breakfast for better grades
    If a student is struggling in school or with tests, it might have something to do with what's for breakfast. More studies link poor performance in school to less healthy foods or lack of food for breakfast.Studies have measured the effects of...


Home Improvement

  • Bite your tongue
    Business Sense; Learn how to bite your tongue
    We have all experienced the classroom setting with an instructor that does not know when to shut up. Although most speakers are well-intentioned, without a sense of audience reception the expressed information can be quickly lost. Classes or...
  • 2015 Home Remodeling Outlook
    Home Remodeling 2015 Outlook
    It was a good year in home remodeling and the fourth quarter finished strong. For my business, there was a significant increase in inquiries and traffic to our website starting in July. I attribute this to the improving economy, property values...
  • Stress management is a valuable prepper skill
    Stress management is a valuable prepper skill
    Disasters can create enormous stress in their victims. Preppers who use stress management techniques well will provide the leadership that their families and communities need. If they learn good stress management techniques before a disaster...

Family & Parenting

  • Five candy-free alternatives you should give this Hallloween
    Five candy-free alternatives you should give this Halloween
    Halloween is just around the corner, and you might be wondering what you should hand out to trick-or-treaters this year. If you’re concerned about health issues or know that many children in your neighborhood have allergies, then consider...
  • Tuition Bill
    10 Universities with the least expensive out of state tuition
    Not all colleges are overpriced and some will fit nicely within the budget constraints of parents, according to a US News and World Report article published on October 14, 2014.Tuition growth is slowing, but for parents of high school students...
  • Gin and Cranberry Cocktail
    Spirited cocktails perfect for the season
    During this busy time, a cocktail shared with family and friends is a lovely way to relax from the hustle and bustle. Instead of the traditional, well-known classics, Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark, from the Cooking Channel have curated specialty...