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Health & Fitness

  • This week’s races and runs: April 21-26
    This week’s races and runs: April 21-26
    Tax Day and Boston Marathon trips are finished, and the Wisconsin running scene is heating up. Top events for April’s third full week (and fourth weekend) include charity races, color and glow runs, fun runs, health awareness runs, running...
  • When mob mentality takes over social media...
    Panama City Beach: Latest case of diffusion of responsibility
    Now that the dust has settled and Panama City Beach, Florida leaders are considering “…more stringent changes this year…,” according to a statement provided by the mayor (; April 19, 2015), it's easier...
  • GoRoll
    GoRoll: The 2015 must-have fitness essential
    Are you in the market for new fitness gear? Need a gift idea for Mother's Day or a creative, sports-inspired gift idea for a new grad? I get products to review all the time and few have impressed me as much as the new GoRoll, just released...


  • Rare Hartmann's Mountain Zebra filly
    Rare zebra filly born to Abbey and Zack at the Virginia Zoo
    Zoo officials at the Virginia Zoo welcomed a rare foal into their zebra herd on April 13, announcing the birth formally on April 16. According to the zoo’s press release, the youngster is a 77-pound filly born to Abbey, a 14-year-old...
  • What's in your trash could kill your dogs; Dogs on farms at higher risk
    What's in your trash could kill your dogs; Dogs on farms at higher risk
    Yesterday, a tri-color smooth collie named Revan was in a coma as a result of accidental Invermectin consumption. Today, Revan suffered a heart attack and died. Why? Because he was digging in the trash.Do you know about Invermectin? All dogs...
  • George
    A Look at George's Therapy Dog Career
    George was adopted as puppy and right away showed signs of becoming a great therapy dog. Yes he barked a lot at home and loved to play with his older canine sister. And he did quite a lot of jumping.But he is an Old English Sheepdog after all.I...

Home Improvement

  • Make your own project table and save money
    How to make a designer-style project table for less than $150
    If you are a sewing enthusiast, crafter or scrapbooker, you need a space to spread out your projects without having to move them from the dinner table every time you eat. What you need is a project table and there’s a way to make one, just...
  • Home Decor Dos and Don'ts
    Home Decor Dos and Don'ts
    Wouldn't decorating be easier if there was a simple list of dos and don'ts to follow when you did it? There is. Here are the most important home décor dos and don'ts:Don't Forget the CeilingEach of your rooms has five walls and a...
  • How can preppers avoid exercise boredom?
    How can preppers avoid exercise boredom?
    Variety is the spice of life, and exercise is no exception. This article will discuss different ways to avoid boredom and to increase the motivation to exercise.If preppers ignore their feelings of boredom, these feelings of boredom probably will...

Family & Parenting

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