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Health & Fitness

  • Nursing Home 5-Star Rating System
    CMS strengthens five star quality rating system for nursing homes announced 3 significant improvements to their Five Star Nursing Home Quality Rating System.Incorporated the 2 nursing home quality measures for antipsychotic use into the Quality Measure Rating.Increased the number of points necessary...
  • Death
    Suicides are on the increase among older Americans
    A great many elderly Americans don't feel life is worth living any longer. Elsevier Health Sciences reported via EurekAlert on Feb. 27, 2015, suicide rates are on the rise among elderly US adults. According to researchers suicide rates for 40...
  • Flirt
    The biology of sexual desire, part 1
    In order to study sexual desire, scientists naturally sought to manipulate certain handles of sexual desire in an attempt to determine if manipulating these triggers resulted in changes in sexual desire or behavior. The search was a difficult one,...


  • Stray cat at the pound
    The animal pound killed it
    The photo of that sad soul went straight to my heart. After seeing it, I went into a frenzy to take it out of the pound and nurse it back to health its sad little face was asking for help.From one contact to another, going back and forth, phoning...
  • Chicago veterinarian admits puppy she adopted ran away and was not stolen
    Chicago veterinarian admits puppy she adopted ran away and was not stolen
    A Chicago veterinarian, who adopted a puppy from Midwest Animal Rescue and Services in Minnesota last weekend, confessed on Saturday that the puppy ran away and was not stolen as she initially stated, reported veterinarian...
  • Dog involved in Iowa woman's fatal shooting returned to family
    Dog involved in Iowa woman's fatal shooting returned to family
    In a 90-minute hearing, the Burlington Animal Board decided to return the German shepherd mix, named Sammy, to the family a Burlington police officer in Iowa shot, but accidentally killed a young mother, reported board determined the...

Home Improvement

  • Hoarding and Insurance Problems
    Hoarding and Insurance Problems
    One of the constant questions that is asked of by hoarding cleanup companies is whether or not they accept insurance as payment. As of now there hasn’t been a hoarding case in the years of experience that these companies have had that...
  • Mark, Roma & Wayne Fleming!
    God had to have scheduled A.D. Chap Oscar
    WORDLWIDE“We are people of deep faith and I believe God’s hands are all over it,” Wayne Fleming, Chaplain for Davidson County Sheriff’s Department. We both agreed that there’s a hunger for this kind of material....
  • Wills Garden Hints cards
    Household Hints Cigarette Cards-1936 (Nos. 6-10)
    This is the second in a series about DIY household hints collectibles vintage cards.HistoryWD & HOWillsCompany was started by Henry Overton Wills (1761-1826), who began a shop in Castle Street, Bristol in 1786.He traded as Wills, Watkins &...

Family & Parenting

  • Truly Scrumptious Clothing by Heidi Klum
    Truly Scrumptious Clothing by Heidi Klum
    My family and I live in New Jersey and I can officially say I am sick of the below zero weather, the ice and the snow. February is just about over, which means you have to get through March and then spring is basically here!! I can't wait. I...
  • East Coast spring break planning for 2015
    East Coast spring break planning for 2015
    Whether you're planning a big family vacation or a few short day trip getaways, spring break is just around the corner. An abundance of snow days this winter may shorten your school's spring break, so be sure to check your school's...
  • peanuts
    Infants exposed to peanuts less likely to develop allergy, study finds
    Children who were fed a weekly peanut snack from infancy through age 5 were 86 percent less likely to develop peanut allergies, a study published yesterday in the New England Journal of Medicine found. The 640 children in the study all suffer...