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Health & Fitness

  • Advantages of eating beef and fish
    Advantages of eating beef and fish
    Fish is certainly not free of cholesterol, but it is highly possible that the good health benefits of a piece of fish outweigh the bad ones from a piece of beef which have equal content of saturated fats, and should be considered a part of a well...
  • Human Rights
    Childhood should not be treated like a disease
    Psychiatrists are so busy labeling every normal variation in the experiences of growing children as signs of mental illness it appears they have decided to steal the exciting experience of simply being a child from as many kids as possible for...
  • Pound Fit
    Top at-home workout gear for 2015
    With our busy, non-stop lifestyles, it's sometimes easiest to get your 'no fuss' workout on at home. This selection of at-home exercise equipment and gear will increase the efficacy of your workout to the max.From weights to yoga mats...


Home Improvement

  • Can you protect yourself from aggressive dogs?
    Can you protect yourself from aggressive dogs?
    Feral dogs are a growing problem in the U.S. and around the world. They are especially aggressive if they form into packs of dogs.Even domesticated dogs can be a danger. A person doesn’t even have to enter the territory of dogs inside of a...
  • Heavy Duty Apartment Cleaning
    Heavy Duty Apartment Cleaning
    Apartments can dirty relatively quickly because of their size and their lack of ventilation in order to get the air particle that create grime and filth. Also, because of the confined living spaces, clutter tends to build in a relatively quick...
  • Make your own project table and save money
    How to make a designer-style project table for less than $150
    If you are a sewing enthusiast, crafter or scrapbooker, you need a space to spread out your projects without having to move them from the dinner table every time you eat. What you need is a project table and there’s a way to make one, just...

Family & Parenting

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