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Health & Fitness

  • e-cigarettes
    E-cigarettes generating a lot of negativity
    California well-being authorities on Wednesday announced electronic cigarettes a general health risk, joining a becoming number of restorative specialists around the nation who are pushing again against the expanding notoriety of the gadgets that...
  • Free breast cancer webinar next week
    Free breast cancer webinar next Monday
    More and more research has shown that exposure to toxic chemicals can increase a person’s risk for certain cancers.One example is malignant mesotheliomas, caused by exposure to asbestos. Mining, shipbuilding, and construction are among the...
  • aging process
    Can a restricted diet slow down aging?
    These days, almost everyone seems to be overly concerned about aging and delaying its onset. People seem to be dreading the thought of old age which is normal and justified. Old age is associated with slower reflexes, wrinkled and sagging skin,...


  • Georgia SPCA: Support the shelter when you shop
    Georgia SPCA: Support the shelter when you shop
    There are many ways you cansupport the Georgia SPCA while you are shopping! Take a look at the ways that you cancontribute simply by shopping through the sites listed below:Kroger- Registeryour Kroger Plus Card onlinehere, and we'll receive a...
  • Yes I am Beautiful
    Bulldog Beauty Contest 2015 Long Beach
    Bulldog Beauty Contest & Haute Dogs FairSaturday February 7 2015Long Beach, Ca. 90803 Marine Stadium9:30 to 3:00Dog Contest, Adoption, Huge FairEnter Your Dogs now: http://www.hautedogs.orgVendors and Adoption Rescue Groups WelcomeEntry is...
  • Stolen cat
    Stolen cat found safe in Maryland
    A black-and-white tuxedo cat stolen from a pet store in Baltimore County has been found safe and sound, a local rescue group said late Jan. 28.The male feline, Yin Yang, is “perfectly fine and unfazed,” the Feline Rescue Association ...

Home Improvement

  • A Winning Team
    A Care Giver's Crisis
    NASHVILLE, TNA Care Giver’s Crisis My heart goes out to care givers, those who currentlyare care givers, those who will be care givers,and those who will need care givers!This is just my way of encouraging family membersand professionals who...
  • Pictures in Memory Quilt
    Decluttering by Using Clothing in Memory Quilts
    One of the main reasons that we all have clutter in our home is because most of those items have meaning for us. We want to pare down and yet also respect the value of those items. Here are some ideas on how to declutter clothing by making...
  • Mother’s Day: Surprise her with a home improvement gift
    Mother’s Day: Surprise her with a home improvement gift
    Are you tired of giving Mom the same old bouquet of flowers year after year for Mother’s Day? How about thinking outside the box and surprise her with a DIY home improvement project. It doesn’t have to be anything major or overly...

Family & Parenting

  • Blind woman: Baby is her first sight after being given sight
    Blind woman: Baby is her first sight after being given sight
    A woman named Kathy Beitz is legally blind and has never been able to see anything. On Wednesday, Huffington Post shared about how the first thing she got to see was her baby. She has been blind since she was a child. Kathy just wanted to see her...
  • Judith Miles and an autistic child with a new system that can identify facial measurements in children with autism
    Early autism detection may be possible through 3-D facial imaging
    Researchers at the University of Missourihave developed an advanced 3-D facial imaging technique which could assist medical professionals in detecting the early signs of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in children. The technique was announced on...
  • What to do on a snow day with your family
    What to do on a snow day with your family
    If the weather outside looks frightful, then there’s a chance your child might be home from school. What’s a parent to do? If you will all be home together on a snow day, then check out these tips for a fun and relaxed day at home.Help...