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  • HazMat suits
    Preparing for post political cataclysmic events
    As Americans approach election day on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 preppers are in anticipation. Preppers think and plan ahead.Now, it doesn’t matter to which political party you have anaffiliation because from the emails that I receive from...
  • Organizing Our Home for Optimumn Health, Happines, and Healing
    Organizing Our Homes for Optimum Health, Happiness, and Healing
    When I first began writing this column, I had just begun working almost entirely from home. Now nearly 8 years after becoming a full-time freelance writer, photographer, and spirtual/pastoral counselor, my home has become my office, studio,...
  • Framer
    Productivity on the job; is it defined by measurable output alone?
    If I were to ask you how productive you are at work, what would be your response? Most likely you would think about product output or sales for a given time period. After all, you get paid for doing a certain task regardless of whether it's...

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