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  • Candle holder in nature
    Be your own hero
    On a recent Super Soul Sunday Oprah interviewed Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the book, Eat, Pray, Love. They had a discussion on what the author calls The Hero’s Journey; this is about being the hero in your own story of hardship. It’s...
  • Three reasons your blood glucose might be high
    Three reasons your blood glucose might be high
    No matter how hard you try, sometimes your blood sugar is going to be high. Despite your best efforts, it might be high and you might not know why. Usually, the culprit is one of three reasons or a combination of all three.Diabetes experts contend...
  • Moby Wrap demonstration
    Review: Moby Wrap
    There are a lot of baby carriers on the market. However, a beloved favorite is the Moby Wrap. Admittedly, it does take longer to learn how to wrap and use. But once you have it down, it's like second nature. It evenly distributes the weight of...


Home Improvement

  • Be Green & Save Water
    Great Tips for Going Green in Your Home
    There are many ways to make your home green, eco-friendly and healthier for your family. Here are some practical tips keeping each area of the home greener all year long.1. Native Plants and XeriscapingRe-naturalizing a lawn can create a beautiful...
  • Best or Worst Choice?
    The Best Choice isn’t always
    Consumer advocates home economics majors love to push generic brands as equivalent to their name brand counterparts, but there are usually reasons that something is cheaper that goes beyond advertising costs.The big complaint against name brands...
  • California Drought
    Water-saving tips for California homeowners and businesses
    California continues to be affected by a long-term drought, especially the areas that encompass Southern California. The shortage of water is such an issue in the state that its Governor, Jerry Brown, has declared the drought a statewide emergency...

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