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Health & Fitness

  • The Force Be In Meditation
    Broken bones and a cast do not mean unhappiness for eight weeks
    You’ve visited the podiatrist because your foot is in pain. Before you know it, the doctor says you have broken a bone and starts grabbing medical supplies to create a cast. What comes to your mind in a situation like this? “Oh…...
  • An array of facial rejuvenation techniques
    How mini and full facelifts differ
    With so many baby boomers now in their late 40s or older, the number of facial rejuvenation procedures being performed has been growing steadily over the years.With their skin showing laxness, many of them seek choices in ways to regain their...
  • Ryan Martin partners with Anytime Fitness
    Improving lives through fitness: CT gym partnership supports RMF mission
    "Our goal is to always make a positive impact in our community," says Anytime Fitness franchise ownerAndrew Bretonregarding the announcementAug. 29, of the new partnershipwith theRyan Martin Foundation(RMF). Breton, owner of six Anytime...


  • Comfort in a storm
    Strangers provide a tethered dog with comfort during storm
    A German shepherd, tethered to a post in Dover, England, recently was sheltered from a sudden rain storm by two compassionate strangers who decided to step in to help, reported Thursday's CBS News.The couple came upon the dog and opted to...
  • Terribly deformed and tortured dog 'Khalessi' gets a new face
    Terribly deformed and tortured dog 'Khalessi' gets a new face
    On the Passion 4Pits Facebook page came the announcement so many advocates and dog lovers across the United States were waiting to read: "Khalessi has a nose again! We just started crying over this picture. Khalessi will remain hospitalized...
  • Any problem detecting horse soring here??
    What’s the big deal with Big Lick Horse Showing?
    So exactly what is the Big Lick anyway? The horses look beautiful and have heaps of high motion. Everyone that watches the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration goes crazy at ringside when the horses are performing. It is an exciting scene, complete...

Home Improvement

  • Install plastic drywall wall anchor without drilling
    Install plastic drywall wall anchor without drilling
    What is neededplastic wall anchorpencilawl or Philips screwdriverWhen to use DIY plastic drywall anchorUsea plastic wall anchorwhen you want to DIY and hang a picture or other item on hollow drywall, or a hollow door, or ceiling, mainly if there...
  • Free beer and maggots
    A volunteer ten years after Hurricane Katrina
    This is the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The storm made its second landfall on August 29. I was among the volunteers who served in response, 9/8-22/05, providing disaster mental health services.I wrote a story about the experience,...
  • Bluetooth car technology can be especially useful during a bugout
    Bluetooth car technology can be especially useful during a bugout
    Many families have more than one car. During a bugout, the more cars that family members drive, the more prepper supplies they can take with them. If, however, one of their cars has only one family member in it, that family member should not drive...

Family & Parenting

  • Officer being sued for handcuffing child that was hitting students and teachers
    Officer being sued for handcuffing child that was hitting students and teachers
    A Kentucky sheriff's deputy faces a federal lawsuit for handcuffing two elementary school children who were acting out because of their hyperactivity disorder and other disabilities, the American Civil Liberties Union said. The deputy is...
  • Dr. Jessica Rodriguez and Dr. Shirley Rowland, OnSite Strategies
    Parenting requires ‘cyber culture’ competency
    Today mental health and addiction counselors convened for training on “Cultural Competency” at OnSite Strategies in Roseville. The event featured Dr. Jessica Rodriguez, CEO of Gateway Corp and Dr. Shirley Rowland, a Sacramento area...
  • Getting tough on teen technology
    Taming teen technology
    Teens stay up all night texting, talking, and cruising the internet. Teens may do some homework however the majority of time is spent socializing with friends. Parents can counter this late night behavior and tame teens technology use. Whether...
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