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  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
    It's the holidays
    Christmas is just around the corner; so is New Years. What's the one thing all holidays incorporate? FOOD. What's the one thing that can be detrimental to our health? Food. As detrimental as food is to our health (when we make bad...
  • Garlic love
    For the love of garlic
    Garlic lovers know that they are doing something good for their body. Yes we all know that garlic can be quite aromatic but what a wonder food it is. Yes stinky garlic is a wonderful food that has medicinal properties that have been known for many...
  • Snake oil bottle
    In defense of Doctor Oz
    In recent days a hue and cry has been aroused in the public eye in regard to a study published in the British Medical Journal ( which allegedly proclaims that the advice given by Doctor Mehmet Oz on his...


  • Pet Flipping is a growing business
    Pet Flipping: a growing business in many communities
    Pet Flipping: the act of taking an animal for free or a small price, and reselling it for a profit.Sounds like a pretty unscrupulous act to any pet lover, and even some who are not. But no matter how unethical, immoral, or just plain wrong pet...
  • Animals
    2014 Victories for Animals
    Global Conservation Group President Jordan Turner:What an amazing year this was for animals! This year alone, 261,865 of you signed our petitions, made phone calls and sent letters, which led to several victories for animals. Including, forcing...
  • White lion euthanized at Cincinnati Zoo
    White lion euthanized at Cincinnati Zoo
    Future, a rare white Adrican lion on (permanent) loan by Siegfriend and Roy has been put down by the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden at the age of 17 due to complications from old age. The cat, along with his brother, Sunshine, was given to...

Home Improvement

  • Preppers should consider owning this handbook
    Preppers should consider owning this handbook
    The Urban Survival Handbookconcentrates on urban survival, but it also has many pages of advice and information that will be of use to preppers, no matter where they live. In the chapter on the dangers of poisons, for example, Wiseman has, on...
  • A woman receives a free flu shot on December 19, 2014 in Oakland, California.
    Flu season concerns over mutated H3N2 virus and flu shot effectiveness
    As the peak of flu season approaches a new concern published in a CDC Health Advisory exposes that the often prescribed flu vaccines may not work as well as expected.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials believe H3N2 will...
  • Free flu shot clinic December 19, 2014 in Oakland, California.
    Flu season begins with study giving low grades for preparedness
    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) most recent FluView report for the 2014-2015 flu season shows that flu season is beginning in the United States.As the data this week from the CDC shows the start of flu season a study on...

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