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Health & Fitness

  • Moped Riders
    Two minds
    Do you keep a lot of stuff to yourself or do you lean on others when you feel the need? There are many individuals who do not want to air their dirty laundry, so to speak, so much of the havoc survived is suffered silently. This emotional distress...
  • Pilates
    5 Ways To Get Your Body Back After Baby (And Keep It!)
    I remember waddling through the last couple of months of my second pregnancy and thinking, “I just want my body back!”I wanted to walk without losing my breath, I wanted to bend over and pick something up without wanting to vomit. And...
  • 8 to 80 ER visit
    Emergency Room visits a challenge at any age
    Whether 8 or 80 and anywhere between when you find yourself in the Hospital Emergency Room the American College of Emergency Physicians suggest “You can never be totally prepared for an emergency - by its nature it is unplanned.”The...


Home Improvement

  • Shasta Daisy
    JULY: SHASTA DAISYIn July along the Front Range of Colorado, Shasta Daisies burst onto the Boulder Colorado landscape scene in a big way. The Shasta Daisy is an old school flower, but their beauty is everlasting. Created from 4 different daisies...
  • How should preppers manage their stored food?
    How should preppers manage their stored food?
    Preppers store food in their get home and bug out bags. Each of the different stored foods probably has a “use by” date. While this date might not be the date after which the food is unsafe to eat, the food probably does not taste very...
  • Near the North Pole
    Book review – In the Kingdom of Ice
    In the Kingdom of Ice: The Grand and Terrible Polar Voyage of the USS Jeannette, by Hampton Sides (Doubleday, 2014) is a detailed and haunting account of an expedition to the North Pole in 1879. At that time, the world was obsessed with the...

Family & Parenting

  • Sumter County parents charged with child neglect after forcing daughter to live in the woods after eating a Pop Tart
    SC parents force teen daughter to live in the woods for eating Pop Tart
    A South Carolina couple is in trouble with the law after forcing their teen daughter to live in the woods for eating a Pop Tart without their permission, Fox Carolina News reported July 4.The 14-year-old girl was forced to live in a tent in the...
  • Teach life lessons while traveling with kids
    Teach life lessons while traveling with kids
    Traveling with kids is a little hectic and crazy, but you can teach your kids valuable life lessons as you make memories. Amy McCready, parenting author and founder of Positive Parenting Solutions, is partnering with Alamo Rent A Car to offer...
  • The Furthering Fathering Family Formal
    The 2015 Furthering Fathering Family Formal
    Brooklyn, N.Y. – On Saturday June 13 at the Crystal Manor in Brooklyn, N.Y., the Furthering Fathering Corporation held their 1st annual Family Formal. Families, Furthering Fathering members, affiliates, guests and honorees were treated to an...
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