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Health & Fitness

  • Kendra Wilkinson Baskett's 55-pound weight loss due to low carb ketogenic Atkins diet
    Kendra Wilkinson's 55-lb weight loss in 5 months due to ketogenic Atkins diet
    Kendra Wilkinson Baskett lost 55 pounds just five months after giving birth to her second child, thanks to the low carb, ketogenic-style Atkins diet. The 5-foot-4 Wilkinson, whose pre-pregnancy weight was 120 pounds, tipped the scales at 175...
  • Toxic
    Why the Narcissist Keeps you on the Shelf for Future Use
    The narcissist collects people around him like someone else would collect video game characters. Everyone gets bored after a while with the video game character they keep playing with, so they create a new one with different behaviors to entertain...
  • Hot Flashes
    Hot flashes and night sweats a good thing, read why.
    Breast Cancer: Some women have no symptoms as their hormonal levels drop. Others might have many symptoms. But what does your hot flashes tell you about your overall health?Hot flashes may indicate a lower risk for breast cancer. In a study of 1...


Home Improvement

  • FEMA
    BP Agent: 'FEMA is preparing for 200 million deaths'
    A retired Border Patrol Agent has made some startling claims, as to what we are not being told about the recent surge in illegal aliens over our Southern border, and its consequences. The agent, Zack Taylor, spent many years as a supervisor...
  • Rabbit in the backyard
    Leave Homes for the Animals
    Wild animals in the suburbs have a different set of problems to contend with than their brethren in the woods. Why does this rabbit love to hang out under this hammock?While rabbits and squirrels in the woods watch for hawks, foxes, coyotes, and...
  • Will Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk remove this grime?
    Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk: Hoax or quality furniture polish
    You may have seen the infomercials for Dutch Glow™'s Amish Wood Milk. This product seemingly brings wood furniture back to life with one sweep of a soft rag. The claims are astounding, which led me to wonder if they were true or not. Buy...

Family & Parenting

  • Students and family pose for photographs ahead of their graduation ceremony.
    How to help your teen find the right college
    Helping your teen to find the right college can be a challenge as there are many aspects that need to be considered. Some aspects to consider are: would your child do better in a large scale environment or small scale environment, what are the...
  • Toddler nutrition: Hollywood pediatrician weighs in about toddler needs
    Toddler nutrition: Hollywood pediatrician weighs in about toddler needs
    Getting toddlers to eat healthy, nutritious food can be a challenge. Toddlers are busy and active from the time they climb out of bed in the morning until the time you finally get them in bed at night.Many toddlers love to eat foods like hot dogs,...
  • Family friendly summer refreshers
    Family friendly summer refreshers
    Your family will love these fun recipes using big ice trays from Casabella. These trays can hold a lot more than ice-they are both oven and freezer safe, making them ideal for desserts that require both heating and chilling. Use these ideas...