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Health & Fitness

  • Dealing with depression
    Dealing with depression and anxiety
    If you have been diagnosed with a depressive disorder, you may be feeling a lot of anxiety. However, this diagnosis is the perfect opportunity to improve your life. Most cases of depression have a biological basis. Therapy can aid you in...
  • Hand heart symbol
    Unhealthy behavior pattern
    Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult to change a behavior? Think about it, how often have you been down the same path fighting an unhealthy behavioral pattern? For example, if you are like me you are in a win-lose battle with the scale...
  • Time to sign up for the Tai Chi Gala program
    Time to sign up for the Tai Chi Gala program
    Whether you are completely new to Tai Chi (Taiji) or any Chinese healing or martial art, or if you are experienced, there’s something at Tai Chi Gala for you to learn and enjoy. This year Tai Chi Gala will be hosted in Albany, New York, on...


Home Improvement

  • Tunnels in Turkey
    Should preppers consider living underground?
    If you must.National Geographic reports the following: “Massive Underground City Found in Cappadocia Region of Turkey, Subterranean retreat may have sheltered thousands of people in times of trouble.”When disaster strikes, one needs a...
  • Review: Puritan's Pride essential oils put to work at household chores
    Review: Puritan's Pride essential oils for household cleaning jobs
    Puritan's Pride, which sells hundreds of healthy products, including essential oils, says that they are aren't just for use in beauty products and aromatherapy anymore. In fact, Puritan's Pride says that essential oils are great at...
  • Part 3/3 Feng Shui for Spring
    Part 3/3 Feng Shui for Spring Cleaning-Energy Balancing
    Feng Shui is a practice that focuses on using our environment to help balance the flow of energy in our lives. As Spring is well underway, we are still adjusting to seasonal and time changes. For many Spring Break is underway as well. Throughout...

Family & Parenting

  • Robokind's Milo On Display
    Innovative Robot Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum
    Parents of children with special needs face daily challenges socially and emotionally. There is a glimmer of hope in a new, innovative product called RoboKind to make their child’s life easier. The award-winning company is based in Dallas,...
  • How to have an inexpensive and fun spring break
    How to have a fun and inexpensive spring break
    With winter finally in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start thinking ahead to warmer weather, longer days and spring break. If a family trip isn’t in the cards for this year, don’t despair. There are plenty of ways you and...
  • American flag baby picture causes controversy for veteran
    American flag baby picture causes controversy for veteran
    A new picture of a baby wrapped in a United States flag is causing a ton of controversy for the veteran who took the picture. On Thursday, Fox News shared about the photo.Vanessa Hicks took the picture and just happens to be a Navy veteran and her...