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  • Ice water with lemon
    What diabetics can eat and drink during the Christmas holiday
    Almost everyone eats a little more during the Christmas holiday because of the different office parties and dinners. Eating at Christmas is part of the fun, and there’s no need for diabetics to completely miss out on certain foods and drinks...
  • Christmas village
    Free local holiday excursions
    As I am sure you are aware we have only 4 days until Christmas. Have you been fighting the crowds in the stores to get just the right gift for the best price? How are you holding up? Are you feeling less pressure as you are crossing things off of...
  • Buff Santa
    Bodybuilding: Just in time for Christmas
    Intense training, dedication, hard work and a strong will; all necessary components to building an "in-contest shape" body. But when it's Christmas time, panic can set in for a bodybuilder, especially if he or she will be venturing...


Home Improvement

  • Hunger and Food Insecure
    Chap Oscar's Season Greeting 2014
    Our Country is in Crisis there is Hope in the coming Storm!NATIONWIDEHere is the secret: Jesus Christ kept the Father always before His face. He met Him in secret places and only after being in God’s presence did Christ come forth to...
  • Simple Feng Shui ritual for the New Moon and Winter Solstice
    Simple Feng Shui ritual for the New Moon and Winter Solstice
    Today is the Winter Solstice in the North, the shortest day of the year, and the time of seasonal change. We begin slowly to move from the darkest time of the year back into the Light. Today is also a New Moon in the earth sign of Capricorn. It is...
  • Preppers should consider owning this handbook
    Preppers should consider owning this handbook
    The Urban Survival Handbookconcentrates on urban survival, but it also has many pages of advice and information that will be of use to preppers, no matter where they live. In the chapter on the dangers of poisons, for example, Wiseman has, on...

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