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Health & Fitness


  • Rescued
    Two German shepherds rescued from busy roadway by police officer
    Two roaming German shepherds were rescued from harm's way last week by a Sanford, Florida, police officer who spotted them walking down a busy roadway. On May 22, the Sanford Police Department posted about how Officer Brian Mcintosh corralled...
  • Johnny Depp faces 10 years in prison for illegal entry of dogs into Australia
    Johnny Depp faces 10 years in prison for illegal entry of dogs into Australia
    Heartthrob actor Johnny Depp could face ten years in prison for breaking Australia's quarantine laws after bringing his two Yorkshire terriers into the country and failing to declare them, reports the Guardian.On May 25, an Australian senate...
  • Dog Etiquette
    Fido's poo can cost you
    It's a beautiful day to walk Fido and your pup has just finished doing his morning 'business.' As you walk away noticing the peaceful serene of the moment, you hear that all familiar 'whoop, whoop' behind you. Yes, you are...

Home Improvement

  • Infographic: Daily Dose of Metal
    Industrial Metal Supply graphic: Daily Dose Of Metal
    "The discovery of the first metals- gold and copper, created a playground for engineers more than 8000 yeas ago," according to Industrial Metal Supply (IMS). "With the 86 known metals in the field, we have come far in using these...
  • Hobbies can make your family members better preppers
    Hobbies can make your family members better preppers
    This article will suggest different hobbies that preppers should encourage their family members to consider. Casual talk about such a hobby could lead to a spark of interest from a family member. Then, the prepper can try to encourage that family...
  • Commercial Water Damage in Baltimore, Maryland
    Commercial Water Damage in Baltimore
    Baltimore Maryland is one of the Eastern US's premier cities. Like most cities on the east coast, it's close to the Atlantic Ocean, and it's a susceptible to flooding and other perils of being near these large water areas. Also, like...

Family & Parenting

  • Summer brain drain is avoidable
    Six tips to avoid summer brain drain
    Did you know that kids can forget up to two month of lessons over summer break? While everyone deserves a little time off from the daily school grind, a complete halt to learning over the summer can be troublesome. Parents and teachers don't...
  • Lifting weights help build muscle and burn fat.
    Beginner tips to help moms take back their health and fitness
    These are terrific tips for any mom or woman looking for an effective way to lose weight, gain muscle and improve stamina. These tips will help you look great, feel great and keep up with your toddlers or preschoolers.This is not a quick fix or...
  • Pentalum luminarium comes to Boston
    Pentalum luminarium comes to Boston
    The Lawn on D will come alive in a unique way this weekend in Boston, thanks to Pentalum, a luminarium designed to engage the senses. Created by Architects of Air, Pentalum is among a series of luminaria that have been viewed in 38 countries, and...
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