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Health & Fitness

  • Food Pyramid
    9 Foods That Sound Healthy But Actually Aren't
    Whether you're just starting your journey towards living a healthier lifestyle - or if you've been living healthy for a while now - there are foods out there that you might mistakenly believe to be healthy. In reality? These so-called ...
  • Sage Gallon
    Sage Gallon an up and coming artist discusses his art, culture and humanity
    This article is focused on a dynamic new artist Sage Gallon born Leslie A. Gallon who changed his name to Sage 15 years ago because he went through a spiritual transformation. I personally was drawn to him through his art work posted on Instagram...
  • Non-prescription diet pills contain dangerous unmarked chemicals
    Magic pills for weight loss?
    Between the description of symptoms and cures, and the “ask your physician about ….” segments, TV ads provide a litany of bad effects than are often much worse than the symptoms of the target disease. If you are buying over-the...


Home Improvement

  • Preppers should become creative problem solvers-III
    Preppers should become creative problem solvers-III
    It is impossible to prepare for every problem that will occur during a disaster. This article will give examples to demonstrate how preppers can be adaptable and solve these problems.As one example, a power blackout during a cold winter month...
  • Can you protect yourself from aggressive dogs?
    Can you protect yourself from aggressive dogs?
    Feral dogs are a growing problem in the U.S. and around the world. They are especially aggressive if they form into packs of dogs.Even domesticated dogs can be a danger. A person doesn’t even have to enter the territory of dogs inside of a...
  • Heavy Duty Apartment Cleaning
    Heavy Duty Apartment Cleaning
    Apartments can dirty relatively quickly because of their size and their lack of ventilation in order to get the air particle that create grime and filth. Also, because of the confined living spaces, clutter tends to build in a relatively quick...

Family & Parenting

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