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  • Leopard attacks woman and dies
    Woman fights off leopard with bare hands, lives
    Kamla Devi, a 56-year-old woman, lives to tell her tale of being attacked by a leopard. Some reports have varied today, Aug. 28, whether she used her bare hands, a farm tool, or a combination of both. Either way, it sounds like a scene out of ...
  • Serengeti leopard in tree
    Leopards of the Serengeti - 'Near Threatened' conservation status
    The leopards of the Serengeti are the smallest of the four big cats - after the lion, tiger, and jaguar. However, they are bigger than the cheetah. Highly adaptable, their habit ranges from rainforest to desert terrain, with their size often...
  • Giant Percy frightens off the Equinots
    Exploration of the book The Hidden Valley of Oz, Part Two
    In fact, Percy had only taken a bite when a remarkable thing happened: he began to grow to many times his own size until he was full as tall as Jam! The Equinots were so alarmed that they took to their hooves and were soon out of sight. Realizing...
  • Leopard Rock features rockwork and leopards
    Leopards at Leopard Rock
    Leopard Rock, and as the name suggests, is a new exhibit that features rockwork that leopards enjoy climbing on. They enjoy being up high in their environment which is in front of the Rock's glass viewing area. Leopard Rock is one of many...
  • resized_DSC_1099Lion_2_m.jpg
    Africa's animal migration is starting. Want to see it?
    Lion we saw on our A&K luxury tent safari to Zambia in southern Africa. (Photo: J.S. Fletcher) Related articles Into Africa: safari adventure goes luxury, animal shots Into Africa: safari adventure goes luxury, part 1 Into Africa: safari...
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