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  • Imagine There's No Hunger
    Long Island Musicians Band Together To Fight Hunger and Honor John Lennon
    7 Bands Will Perform At Bartini Bar in Babylon on December 14th to Benefit WhyHunger & HardRock: Imagine There’s No Hunger 2013Long Island, NY November 27, 2013To celebrate the holiday season, and to honor the legacy of John Lennon on...
  • Chart shows intense focus in one quadrant
    John Lennon birthday October 09; chart shows love and revolution
    When he was young, John Lennon joined up with Paul McCartney producing some wonderful songs, but as astrology has it, the personality crystallizes around the age of 30. This is what paves the way for Lennon’s drive to address higher...
  • John Tabacco: Listen again
    John Tabacco: Listen again
    Once again your rockin’ reviewer felt the need to resurrect his old “Listen Again” series. For those of you just joining us, the “Listen Again” series is a series in which we revisit albums that for one reason or...
  • Carrie Underwood to appear on new Aerosmith album
    Carrie Underwood to appear on next Aerosmith album
    Carrie Underwood will be making a guest appearance on the next Aerosmith album entitled, "Music From Another Dimension" scheduled to be released in November. The track that she will lend her vocals to is entitled, "Beautiful."...
  • John Lennon
    Lennonism and two 'Dear John' letters
    Dear John:Above all: perhaps now you’ll see what it is you’re (we’re) up against. Not nasty people, not even neurosis or spiritual undernourishment. What we’re confronted with is a repressive, vicious, authoritarian system....
  • John Lennon
    John Lennon's Irish and South Florida connections
    TheBeatles’ John Lennon had connections with Florida, dating back to 1974.The Beatles officially died in Orlando, FL (As told by May Pang, John Lennon’s girlfriend at the time):“At the end of 1974, after three years of court...
  • John Lennon's Chrysler
    The ballad of John and Yoko's cars
    Just down the road from me in East Norwalk, Braswell Galleries was auctioning a car claimed to be John Lennon's. I suppose images of Rolls-Royces or Bristols may circulate through your cerebrum, but would you believe that it's a 1972...
  • John Lennon
    The Top 3: Conspiracy theories revolving around the death of John Lennon
    It was thirty years ago today that Mark David Chapman hovered around outside John Lennon's Dakota Apartment building, gun in hand, waiting for Lennon to appear. When he did, Chapman shot him down, and the world went into mourning (Chapman, on...
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