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  • FXX cancels 'Legit'
    Could 'Legit' find a second life on Netflix?
    FX Networks confirmed earlier today that it will officially cancel the Jim Jefferies sitcom Legit. Despite attracting a modest initial following, the show performed poorly in the ratings when moved from FX to the all-comedy FXX network for its...
  • Jim Jefferies
    Talking Legit with Jim Jefferies
    What happens when the first episode of your brand new comedy series centers around getting your best friend’s wheelchair-bound brother to a brothel to lose his virginity?If you’re Australian comedian Jim Jefferies, you get rave reviews...
  • Legit: The Complete First Season
    'Legit: The Complete First Season' is a little rough but it shows some promise
    Much like life, things aren't just funny, or dark or horribly incorrect...they are all above. Now available on DVD, "Legit: The Complete First Season" is foul mouthed ode to trying to live the best possible way that we can.Jim...
  • Legit
    Jim Jeffries is back for a new season of Legit
    Legit returns for an all-new season on FXX.The series follows an edgy foul-mouthed, stand-up comedian from Australia living in LA struggling to make his life and career “legit”. Along his journey he gets the encouragement of his...
  • Catch up with fan favorite ‘Supernatural’ actor DJ Qualls part two
    Catch up with fan favorite ‘Supernatural’ actor DJ Qualls part two
    CONTINUED FROM PART ONEFan favorite actor of CW’s hit show ‘Supernatural,’ DJ Qualls started his climb to fame as a Prada model turned actor who made his feature film debut in the hilarious film ‘Road Trip.’ Qualls...
  • Catch up with fan favorite ‘Supernatural’ actor DJ Qualls part one
    Catch up with fan favorite ‘Supernatural’ actor DJ Qualls part one
    Hands down, DJ Qualls is one of the favorite actors of CW’s hit show ‘Supernatural,’ and fans will soon get find out what happened to Garth after last season. Be sure to put Jan 28 on the calendar as Qualls will be live tweeting...
  • Kate Gosselin
    Kate Gosselin admits to using words that drive her children crazy
    Kate Gosselin may be the mother to eight children and doing everything on her own, but sometimes she needs to calm herself down as well. One can imagine that she is rather busy with eight children, so when she can get a laugh out of them, she will...
  • Jim Jefferies
    Jim Jefferies talks about his new Legit - Part 1
    Jim Jefferies is one of the edgiest and, in my opinion, funniest comedians touring today. With unabashed opinions on sex, drugs, and religion among other things, Jefferies can alienate and amuse at the same time.Over the last five years, Jefferies...
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