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  • Eduardo Galeano dies at 74
    Author Eduardo Galeano dies at 74
    Writer and journalist Eduardo Galeano died today in his born country Uruguay, South America, at 74 years old in a medical center where he was admitted last Friday due to complications related to the lung cancer who he suffered since 2007.Galeano...
  • Does God hate America
    Photos: Has the United States lost compassion, mercy and love
    The United States has always been a nation that embraces diversity and unique differences; when it comes to ideals. When it actually comes to putting virtues such as compassion, patience, mercy and love into action, the nation’s history...
  • Obama
    Can the right win with new climate change solutions?
    I came across this piece in Real Clear Science and I found the arguments in support of conservative and GOP action on climate change compelling. Essentially Eric Bradenson is arguing that the GOP could lead and win on the climate change issue by...
  • 121212 The Concert for Sandy Relief
    Libertarians and the Concert for Sandy Relief – a metaphor
    Besides raising millions of dollars for a praiseworthy cause the second half hour of 121212 The Concert for Sandy Relief served as a metaphorical stereotype for liberals and conservatives.Both ideologies are groupthink oriented, the left believing...
  • American symbols
    Obama and Romney: From where do mandates come?
    Do mandates come from the right, left, or in the middle? If there is one symbol for the American political system and democratic form of government, for me it would not be an eagle. For Ben Franklin it was a turkey. For me, it is a bell shaped...
  • How the US Ruling Class Elite Beat the Bell Curve
    How the US Ruling Class Elite beat the bell curve
    As the reader looks upon the accompanying “Political Bell Curve” Chart one Political Demographic group stands out. [ It will probably be useful to the reader to open the accompanying graphic in a seperate window or tab so it can be...
  • The False Left/Right Political Paradigm
    Swimming against the Tide of the False Left/Right Paradigm - Class Warfare
    Don Mashak, The Cynical Patriot - Minnesota USAWhile Major Media, the GOP and Democrats attempt to whip rank and file Americans into a frenzy over any thing but the brink of financial and moral collapse upon which our country finds itself, a...
  • Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney campaigns in Vegas
    Romney's idea for auto hike on minimum wage could harm small biz
    Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney said on Wednesday he supports automatic hikes in the federal minimum wage. Congress has never passed legislation to put the minimum wage on auto hike. Asked for further comments by the Associated Press,...
  • Saul Alinsky
    Left's Agenda: End Democracy?
    Call me crazy, but for a few years now I have believed that when many on the Left say they want “to change America,” it isn’t just politics or even economics. They certainly want to change both, but I also believe they seek to...
  • Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain
    Can Blacks, Gays and Women be conservative, or are leftists the true bigots?
    I raise that question because actress and comedian Jeanine Garafalo , in appearance on Countdown with Keith Olberman, recently said that republican presidential candidate Herman Cain must be either a sellout or suffering from Stockholm Syndrome....
  • U.S. President Barack Obama
    Left’s authoritarian impulse on display
    At this point it is impossible to predict what affect the credit downgrade by S&P will have on the U.S. economy. Essentially this is because S&P is just confirming what most already know and understand, the U.S. is spending far too much...
  • Obama
    5 ways President Obama can win back the left
    There is an old saying, "It's a tough job, but someone has to do it". That phrase might not ring and more true than it does today for President Obama. From the day President Obama walked into the White House in January of 2009, he...
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