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  • Five reasons to love lamp
    Five reasons to love lamp
    Looking around your house for a quick makeover? Check out this list that sheds new light on lamps. Lighten up the look, no matter what your style. Using various shapes, amounts, and heights of light gives rooms dimension and depth, and can usually...
  • Clever lighting techniques for home or business
    Clever lighting techniques for home or business
    Lighting your home, office, or business can be tricky as it can often be over lit or under lit. Here are some clever ways to create the effect you need or desire.• If your dining room is too bright with the chandelier lit, installing a dimmer...
  • Nambé’s Lamps
    Winter wedding registry must-have: Nambé’s Wind Table Lamp
    Vow to live in the limelight of luxury thanks to Nambé’s Wind Table Lamp, a gorgeous lamp aimed at lighting up your newlywed life with a touch of modern-glam, elegance and effortless living.Bring the spotlight to your love nest with Nambé...
  • Woodpecker lamp
    Target boutique markets are fresh, fun
    Just recently Target let us participate in their specialty boutique marketing campaign by sending us an item from the PATCH NYC collection. Right now mid-century modern furniture is hot (and quite pricey) but we received a bit of nostalgia we love...
  • Wine Bottle Lamps
    Making a Lamp with Wine Bottles
    Do you have some empty wine or liquor bottles lying around from last Saturday’s party? Or maybe you just don’t know what to do with them? How about making a decorative lamp with them? My mom started this hobby a few years back, and I...
  • Room & Board
    Home decor Mother's Day shopping in San Francisco
    It's that day again -- Mother's Day, and once again you are struggling with what to give your mother. What does she want? What does she need? The truth is, when your mother is well loved, she probably has all the basics in life covered....
  • OttLite
    OttLite is a table lamp for serious tasks and happy reading
    Home and Living was sent a new product to try out in our living room. Our new arrival is a welcome home decor feature that helps us to—as the advertising promotes: "Do what you love longer".It's the OttLite; and we love it. But...
  • Decorating with Lamps
    Decorating with lamps
    Even the best of decorators can overlook the importance of lamps. Providing light is not their only function. Lamps add to the room décor in many others ways. Budget decorators should learn to use lamps to enhance the overall look of a room...
  • SWANK  Lamps
    SWANK Venetian Glass Lamps from Dallas, Texas
    INSTUDIO Design Directors can often be found searching local shops for interesting vintage lamps to complete design projects. Vintage lighting and lamps have individual styles that add unexpected shapes, colors or finishes to a room. In design...
  • Discover the 10 essential living room accessories
    Discover the 10 essential living room accessories
    1- Floor Lamp: Whether with a shade or a "torchiere" (indirect light upward) a floor lamp is essential to create mood lighting and accentuate a corner of your room. Don't rely on just a central overhead light fixture.2- Table Lamp: A...
  • Desk_from_Mini_Statements_UK.png
    Most outrageous home office furniture
    When you look around houses for sale they will often be decorated with neutral furniture and tones to attract buyers, but once the house is yours, you are free to put your own stamp on the place. If you have an office or study in your home, take...
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