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  • Pilot delays flight for a sandwich
    Pilot delays flight for a sandwich
    The pilot of a flight to New York delayed the flight for over two hours so he could get a sandwich reported Fox News on December 20, 2013.The pilot, Captain Noushad, of Pakistan International Airlines Flight 711 from the Allama Iqbal International...
  • My Pakistan will be a friend of the US but with dignity and respect, says Imran
    My Pakistan will be a friend of the US but with dignity and respect, says Imran
    Addressing a rally of around 500,000 in Lahore-Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said that Pakistan under his party’s leadership would want friendly relations with the United States but they have to be on the basis...
  • Raymond Davis captured
    Government and Media Collusion: They Knew it was the CIA the Whole Time
    Contrary to assertions made by the Obama Administration, Raymond Davis (the killer of two Pakistani men in Lahore and former Blackwater mercenary) is not a diplomat. He's a CIA agent. The Guardian reported this fact Sunday,indicating that, ...
  • Scene from the Baitul Zikr Mosque, Lahore, Pakistan
    Genocide of Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan
    May 28, 2010 Lahore, Pakistan: Taliban movement of Pakistan attacked two mosques of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community while they were offering Friday prayers. Using hand gernedes, shot guns and tender-aged suicide bombers, they martyred around 100 Ahmadi...
  • resized_0519_facebook_full_380.jpg
    Facebook Controversy
    Facebook lost 45 million Pakistani users when it chose to keep the "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day" page. If Pakistanis had made this choice individually it would be a different story. But in reality, the high court enforced it upon them....
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