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  • Parnell points at nothing, Walker is ready
    Governor Parnell continues to wait, but Bill Walker will not hesitate
    With the oil and gas conversation in Alaska politics focusing on the upcoming referendum on HB21, the Governor’s recently passed reduction in oil taxes, there has been little news on the natural gas pipeline front since the producers...
  • Fracking and Water Quality
    Expanding natural gas exports would encourage natural gas fracking in California
    Increasing America's natural gas exports to other nations may sound like benign economic policy, but it is anything but.In reality, oil and gas giants and others with a track record of savaging our natural resources for the sake of economic...
  • Christy stop wasting gas instead of stealing from the poor
    Is Christy Clark balancing the budget on the backs of BC's poorest seniors?
    As the new Liberal Government celebrates their amazing come from behind victory in the recent provincial election, they are putting the screws to the provinces poorest, most disadvantaged seniors.While the oil and gas companies waste more than ...
  • Governor Sean Parnell and oil company bosses
    AGIA: EXXON's conflict of interest
    Exxon and Alaska’s oil and gasExxon is Alaska’s bad boy of oil development. Who does not remember the Exxon Valdez spill in Prince William Sound and the aftermath? As a result, Exxon has been cast as the “heavy” in any oil...
  • Our Louisiana future
    Our Louisiana future looks bright with another energy boom
    It has been six years since I have been to Saudi, but there are two things I still remember vividly. Searing heat with one digit humidity, and the revelation that oil is dwindling with a 50/50 oil/water ratio. I didn't get this info from an...
  • Anadarko's Independence production hub, Gulf of Mexico
    Anadarko repeats as Houston's best place to work
    It seems that Anadarko Petroleum Corp. is on a roll this month. The company, which is based in Houston suburb The Woodlands, repeated as "best place to work in Houston." According to a survey taken by the Houston Chronicle, Anadarko...
  • Chenier Energy in Louisiana (AMX:LNG) is one hot stock
    Chenier Energy in Louisiana (AMX:LNG) is one hot stock
    Cheniere Energy (AMEX:LNG) has the best relative performance in the Oil and Gas storage and transportation industry with a gain of 68.63% 10/27/2011 with another 5% gain to 10.79 before closing bell on 10/27/2011.This unusually high volume spiked...
  • Cheniere Energy, a light at the end of the Progressive dark age
    Cheniere Energy, a light at the end of the Progressive dark age
    "The world as we know it is changing, and so is opportunity. Who moves the cheese are the money lenders."-Ken LaRiveLafayette, LA- Examiner- Little has changed after the unconstitutional moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of...
  • Chenier Energy (LNG) stock takes a dive after alleged false allegations
    Chenier Energy (LNG) stock takes a dive after alleged false allegations
    The Dow Jones newsletter has stated that Chenier Energy (LNG) is suing Centerbridge Partners LP. Chenier Energy alleging that Centerbridge, called a (distressed investment-focused hedge fund), has disrupted Chenier's business with a letter...
  • Morgan Stanley/LNG partnership might be an investor bonanza
    Morgan Stanley/LNG partnership might be an investor bonanza
    For years I have promoted the LNG dream in Louisiana. Being in the oilfield for almost thirty years I saw the potential for a Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in the continental U.S. and Cheniere Energy Partners LP has the first terminal with plans...
  • LNG Tanker
    UPDATE: Liquefied natural gas discussion in Savannah
    Just last month, I posted an article with information regarding a Savannah Town Hall meeting to discuss the proposal by Southern LNG to route almost five dozen trucks [58 exactly] carrying up to 13,000 tons of Liquefied Natural Gas [LNG] per...
  • LNG Tanker
    Liquefied natural gas discussion in Savannah
    On Thursday, October 7th at 7 p.m., the City of Savannah will hold a special Town Hall Meeting to discuss a proposal to truck liquefied natural gas (LNG) through Savannah. The Town Hall Meeting - scheduled to take place in the Savannah Civic...
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