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  • China traffic
    Auction and Lottery: Which Is a Better Method of Allocating Scarce Licenses?
    In China, some major cities are restricting new car purchases so that they can cut down on traffic and pollution. According to reports, only a certain number of licenses to purchase cars will be granted. The cities have been experiment with...
  • COunty Administtration Building
    Farmers markets to have easier setup
    Official county approval on taking an outlying county location to sell farm goods and products wil, on May 1st, regularly come quick. Farmers market operators and organizers with a one year solicitors license can simply send in their list of...
  • Traffic
    1,200 undocumented immigrants receive Illinois drivers licenses
    Hundreds of undocumented immigrants living in Illinois have received driver's licenses in the past two months. According to the Illinois Secretary of State, more than 12,000 immigrants in Illinois have received licenses since December 2013...
  • Cigarette
    Public health expert debates idea of instituting license for smokers
    Simon Chapman of the University of Sydney's School of Public Health recently published a paper that smokers should purchase pre-paid smartcards in order to smoke cigarettes, which would help the government gather data for anti-smoking...
  • California
    Illegal and want a driver's license, Gov. Brown is fine with that
    If you're young, in California illegally and want a driver's license, by all means come and get one.As of Jan. 1, a new law goes into effect that was signed recently byGov. Jerry Brown, permitting hundreds of thousands of young illegal...
  • Why did the turkey's cross the road?
    Virginia offers reduced cost multi-year hunting licenses
    Yesterday, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) announced reduced pricing for resident annual hunting, licenses for two-, three- and four-year periods beginning January 1, 2012. Hunterswill save $2 for each additional year...