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  • 88% of residents want pot!
    Jeb Bush: marijuana will harm Florida reputation
    Jeb Bush: “Marijuana could harm Florida’s reputation” is the most disingenuous statement sinceA, Nixon’s “I am not a crook”B, Cheney’s “Iraq oil will pay for this war”C, Sarah Palin’s ...
  • Florida votes for legalizing medical marijuana
    Florida next in line to legalize Marijuana in 2014
    Orlando attorney John Morgan has been heading the fight to bring legalized medical marijuana to the state of Florida, and today the Florida Secretary of State gave final approval for the collection of petitions. Morgan has pledged to raise $3.5...
  • France approves gay marriage: Parliament legalizes same-sex marriage (Video)
    France approves gay marriage: Parliament legalizes same-sex marriage (Video)
    France approves gay marriage according to a report by Yahoo News on Tuesday. French lawmakers in Paris voted in favor passing the measure 331-225 on April 23, 2013."Following the vote members of the gay and lesbian community flocked to a...
  • Top 10 Political Stories of 2012
    Top 10 Political Stories of 2012
    <-- Previous5) Benghazi attacksOn September 11, a US consulate in Libya was attacked resulting in the death of an American diplomat and 3 other Americans. Initial explanations by the White House cited an anti-Muslim video as spurring the attack...
  • Attorney Marc Victor Blasts The Drug War In Open Court
    Attorney Blasts The Drug War In Open Court
    Attorney Marc J. Victor blasts the drug war and the “Justice System” in open court on a case involving Marijuana possession and sales.There are more and more voices of reason on this issue every day. People are starting to understand...
  • Marijuana
    The Marijuana Report
    I was recently invited to be a guest on a local Internet radio show called The Marijuana Report to discuss Marijuana Legalization. The short question is "should marijuana be legal?" and of course the answer is yes. The bigger question of...
  • MMA
    New York State needs MMA
    Mixed martial arts, commonly referred to as MMA, is illegal in New York State. Despite a huge explosion in popularity over the last decade, New York is one of only three states out of the 48 with athletic commissions that continues to ban the...
  • bluedreaminoaksterdam
    Harris Poll: East Bests the West for Medical Marijuana
    Eight in ten respondents within the "East" to a Harris poll released yesterday said that they “strongly support” or “somewhat support” legalizing medical cannabis. In another upward trend 50 percent said they...
  • Montel Williams on Oprah
    Montel Williams busted for having drug paraphernalia
    Yesterday wasn't the smoothest flight for famous talk show host, Montel Williams. While preparing to board a flight in a Milwaukee airport, Williams was given a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia after TSA agents found a marijuana...
  • NORML Women and Pot Couture
    NJ: Local women in pro-marijuana fashion photo
    A recent photo for the national NORML Women’s Alliance and features two New Jersey women who work in marijuana reform. Anne Davis the executive director of NORML-NJ and Diane Fornbacher from the Coalition for Medical Marijuana...
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