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  • Dinesh D'Souza
    Dinesh D'Souza: Obama, Holder, DOJ responsible for lawlessness in Ferguson
    In a video posted to Facebook on Friday, conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza minced no words, blaming President Obama, Eric Holder and many in the Department of Justice for the lawlessness taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. He...
  • Who is the antichrist?
    The antichrist is coming
    An antichrist or false Christ will come toward the end of the age. He will come to rule the world and to lead a great rebellion against Christ and the church. Revelation 13:1 describes the conflict between the antichrist and God and His people...
  • Sen. Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader
    Ted Cruz on illegal aliens: 'Throw Harry Reid out'
    President Barack Obama'sDepartment of Homeland Security (DHS) is threatening the Republicans with the prospect of allowing thousands of illegalaliens alreadydeported to come back to the U.S.,provided they have visible ties to Southern...
  • False front used to get money for Obama's illegal aliens
    False front used to get money for Obama's illegal aliens
    During the decades that crime gangs and syndicates ran roughshod over the rule of law across the country, it was common for these criminal organizations and crime families to operate respectable businesses as a front to cover for their crimes....
  • Sarah Palin
    Sarah Palin: Impeach Barack Obama for lawlessness, dereliction of duty
    In an op-ed published Tuesday at, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin called for the impeachment of Barack Obama for his lawlessness and "purposeful dereliction of duty" by allowing a flood of illegal immigrants into the...
  • Barack Obama
    Former prosecutor lays out case for Obama's impeachment in new book
    While appearing on "The Glenn Beck Program" Thursday, author and former prosecutor Andrew McCarthytold guest host Stu Burguierehow and why Barack Obama should be impeached, The Blaze reported.“The fact that we have many high crimes...
  • Common sense and straight talk sorely needed
    Common sense and straight talk sorely needed
    Something is terribly wrong with our government and the citizens who vote year after year to keep them in office. Common sense is desperately needed, and straight talk needs to ensue as a result.In southern Nevada a rancher who merely wants to...
  • God protects His own
    God protects His own
    It's was a week ago on June 9, 2013 since the shooting incident of June 2, 2013 at Mill Pond Village Apartments in Broad Brook, East Windsor. As of today, the person responsible for the shooting still has not been founded and taken into...
  • Arizona Governor Jan Brewer
    Gov. Brewer thumbs nose at Obama's amnesty vote purchase
    Over the weekend, Hispanic leaders and Democrat lawmakers staged mass demonstrations in Arizona to protest the latest executive order issued by the state's governor, Jan Brewer.The woman talk host Sean Hannity likened to Britain's...
  • Let my thoughts be Your thoughts
    Conviction or conviction: Which one do you possess? Part 2
    Conviction leading to deathAn unbeliever falls into this category. When he or she dies they will stand before God Almighty to give an account of their lives. If the Lord does not see His blood upon that person marking their acquittal He will say, ...
  • Libby Nicole Spence
    God's children do not sin
    Reador listento 1 John 2:28-3:10It seems that one awh shucks just might wipe out a thousand attaboys. Maybe we should just skip over this chapter?Everything was sounding good up to this point. We are children of God. We walk in the light. If we...
  • Occupy violence
    Democratic lawmakers express support for Occupy Wall Street lawlessness
    Apparently, some Democrats in Congress think that rape, assault and squatting on private property is exactly what the founders intended when they crafted the First Amendment.The Hill reported:New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s (I)...
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