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  • Scene from Shobana's Krishna
    The Bollywoodization of Krishna
    It was a full house that greeted Krishna, dancer and actress Shobana’s dance drama, on April 24 at Natick High School, Mass. A national award-winning actress, Shobana has been reinventing herself as a classical dancer and choreographer of...
  • Altar
    This week, festival being held at ISKCON temple - Detroit
    Bright Blessings!This week, the ISKCON Temple in Detroit will be holding a festival celebrating the appearance of the Divine Consort of Lord Krishna, Sri Radhastami! The actual day is Thursday, but the...
  • Hare Krishna parade
    Hare Krishna Parade
    Each June, The Krishna movement (International Society of Krishna Consciousness – holds a parade in New York City .The parade itself is exceptional, it is one of the few parades that won the right to use 5th Avenue as a parade route. The...
  • Diwali: Festival of Lights & Cuisine
    Celebrate The Light With Diwali: Food recipes and folklore mark the holiday
    Don’t miss the Diwali festival that concludes tomorrow night. Marked by chocolate, candles, firecrackers and feasting, Diwali is a happy celebration and an homage to cuisine. It's like Thanksgiving, New Year's and the harvest...
  • Throwing colors!
    Gearing up for Holi in Little Rock!
    Holi is the celebration of spring with a flash of colors, festivities, and family! Holi has many fun stories and interesting legends, but the most pertinent in understanding is the love story of Vishnu and Lakshmi in their incarnations as Krishna...
  • Christ + Buddha taught sanctity of life, compassion, non-violence, confession,  charity, and virtue.
    World Healing Meditation ~|~
    Most metaphysicians note that The Christ and The Buddha are one... the same light shining to enlighten humankind and bring harmony and peace to our world! Holy, Great Spirit, Life Force At the core of all religions shines a Holy Spirit force ~ be...
  • 100426203617resized_Picture_1.png
    In mocking Jesus, Moses, Bhudda, and Krishna, has South Park gone too far?
    Though the bulk of the hype around the controversial show is passing, the after effects will long remain. In the battle for freedom of speech, it seems that we as a society have forgotten its fundamental purpose. Free speech, historically, was...
  • South Park
    Prophet Muhammad and South Park: a Muslim sets the record straight
    April 21: South Park aired the sequel to its 200th episode and satirically resolved the issue of depicting Prophet Muhammad. Rather than say his name or depict his face, he was censored out. Where do we stand now that Muslims have been humiliated,...
  • Cover of the book, "Muhammad in the Bible"
    Muhammad in the Bible, a universal Prophet?
    The Prophet Muhammad (sa) made his claim to prophethood at a time foretold in all great scriptures of the world. Religion advanced from the teaching of the simple existence of God as Prophet Adam established, through the Unity of God Prophet...
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