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  • Drone Warrior
    Analyzing Charles Krauthammer: “Drone Warrior”
    Charles Krauthammer deserves attention because he is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a political commentator and physician too like Ron Paul. He makes one think and sometimes I agree with him, and sometimes I don’t.Today, he characterized Barack...
  • Republican candidate
    Attributes of our next President: solid, stable, smart, sober
    Charles Krauthammeridentified someattributes our next President should have. S-adjectives in the title describe what the nation might look for in an electable Republican candidate.We know who the Democrats will put up. The country looks to another...
  • stumble Ballet
    An Elusive Brilliance: When Success Erodes
    The cheerleading from the Media has been simply giddy of late with regard to Obama's seeming legislative successes within the lame duck Congress. The President got dumped on the DREAM Act along with a failure at increasingly taxing those who...
  • President Obma
    Krauthammer: Obama is waving good-bye to Democrat majority (video & transcript)
    This afternoon, Charles Krauthammer described President Obama as "kind of adrift and he's standing on the shore waving" good-bye to the Democrats knowing so many will lose their seats midterm elections - and his majority will be gone...
  • True Conservative vs. Republicrat
    The Delaware defeat of Republicrat Castle
    The Liberals who infest the Media, along with the Democrats, who appear to be sweating bullets here at election time, have managed to achieve some form of "weak hope" as a result of a perceived schism within the Republican and...
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