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  • President Clinton headed a balanced  foreign policy that wasn't afraid to get a little hawkish
    Clinton Era Foreign Policy .....What they got Right ......and Wrong.
    As Americans we often find ourselves comparing and contrasting may different things … and presidents and their administrations are no exception. It is these reflections that allow us to develop a sense of direction. As we see events unfold...
  • Five historical conflicts which should make America rethink Syrian intervention
    Five historical conflicts which should make America rethink Syrian intervention
    They say those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it. Everybody knows that Bashar al Assad is a brutal dictator. He has ties to Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah. He may have gassed his own citizens, but he’s far from unique. The US...
  • Ambassador Power
    Ambassador Power: There is no risk-free door #2 that we can choose in this case'
    In an interview this morning on National Public Radio (NPR), Ambassador Samantha Power noted:"If we take military action in this context, it will be a legitimate, necessary and proportionate response to this large-scale and indiscriminate use...
  • The Second Battle of Kosovo (1448)
    The Second Battle of Kosovo (1448)
    An Eastern European force lost the decisive Battle of Varna in 1444. The defeat opened the region to Ottoman domination and threatened to encircle the Byzantine Empire. Four years later, John Hunyadi decided to lead a counterstrike against the...
  • Kosovo
    Kosovo has a huge potential in natural resources
    Sahit Muja: Kosovo has a huge potential in natural resourcesKosovo fully integrated in the regional cooperation initiatives and ultimately into the European Union. Despite all the difficulties. Kosovo has made astonishing progress.The business...
  • Germany
    Turning Kosovo over to Germany
    (This is the 9th article in a series investigating Russia and China, the biblical Asian hordes from the East and their role in God’s plan) In February of 2008, Kosovo, a republic in the Balkans, declared its independence from Serbia. Moscow...
  • The Black Flag of Jihad
    Kosovo Muslims turn Orthodox church into a public toilet
    CommentaryIf you thoughtthe last Christian church ransacked and desecrated by Islamist conquerors was Constantinople's Hagia Sofia, guess again.Even back in the 15th century, Islam had every intention of converting St. Peter's Basilica...
  • US airmen killed in possible terror attack at German airport – Pics
    US airmen killed in possible terror attack at German airport – Pics
    Yesterday, March 2, 2011, a gunman aboard a bus opened fire killing two United States soldiers, one of which was the driver of the olive-green United States military bus. At least two others were wounded, one of them critically.Over 250,000...
  • 1999 File photo of shot-down F-117
    China could be using US stealth fighter technology in the J-20 -slideshow,video
    During U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates' visit to China in early January, the Chinese military conducted the maiden flight of the Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter within a week of photos being "leaked" to the Chinese media.Advances...
  • Keshtjella Pepshi
    Miss Kosovo 2010 Keshtjella Pepshi dress pictures, video
    Keshtjella Pepshi, Miss Kosovo 2010, wore an evening gown of her choice, fashion by Sherri Hill and a variety of dresses and skirts to special occasions during the 2010 Miss Universe Pageant at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas.