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  • David Chang's bouchot mussels
    David Chang's pan-roasted bouchot mussels
    Mussels are an excellent option for an easy, elegant weeknight dinner. Here, they take on Korean-inspired flavors from a broth based on denjang, a fermented bean paste.For more great recipes, visit c denjang or...
  • Bulgogi and Chicken Katsu dish by Roll Me Korean Japanese Fusion Restaurant
    Roll Me Brings a Korean - Japanese Fusion to Norcross
    Korean and Japanese cuisine share some similarities as well as some noted differences but owner, David Choi has brought a fusion of both styles to the city of Norcross by opening Roll Me! Whether you are looking for authentic style Japanese...
  • Chino Latino Taco Special
    New menu for Mexican cuisine features Asian fusion taco
    When it comes to Asian cuisine, tacos aren't usually a dish that comes to mind. However, the popularity of Asian cuisine has made its way into fusion restaurants and fusion dishes throughout the city. Ay Chiwowa in the Near North Side is known...
  • Seoulmate in Long Beach has Korean fusion burritos and tasty Korean homestyle dishes
    Seoulmate in Long Beach has Korean burritos and tasty Korean homestyle dishes
    Some fusion cuisines are combinations that you think just won't work. A lot of them are just plain weird. However, some that you might think strange are are nothing but inspired. One of the inspired fusions is Korean and Mexican. On the...
  • Eight food vendors to try at KTOWN Night Market
    Eight food vendors to try at KTOWN Night Market
    The inaugural KTOWN Night Market will be taking Los Angeles' Koreatown by storm this Friday and Saturday. Over 40 food stalls (in addition to an entire alley dedicated to food trucks) will offer the multicultural cuisines found throughout...
  • Korea
    Jeju Island Seoul: The charm of South Korea
    Jeju is South Korea's largest island. It's located in Seoul, the capital and largest metropolis of South Korea. The population is over 10 million residents. The Seoul Capital Area, which includes the surrounding Incheon, and Gyeonggi...
  • Oceans of the world-1
    Virginia will acknowledge the East Sea in textbooks
    On Wednesday, according to the Washington Post, the passage of a bill acknowledging theEast Sea, also called the Sea of Japan, was almost assured when the Virginia House of Delegates gave presumptive approval to a bill that would note the change...
  • Grilling all you can eat
    Ohgane Korean BBQ
    Ohgane Korean restaurant, Oakland branch. All you can eat BBQ for $20.00 a person with eight different meat options.
  • Korean pensioners
    McDonald's at war with group of gossiping New York pensioners
    Staff at a New York branch of McDonald's are at odds with a group of Korean pensioners who spend all day hogging the booths while purchasing little more than a small bag of fries between them.Workers at the fast food restaurant in Flushing,...
  • Oldboy_Hammer
    Blood for blood: Ten films about (bitter)sweet revenge
    We as humans love the concept of revenge. While plenty of philosophers and philanthropists have preached the dangers of seeking it (“An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind,” blah, blah, blah), few things are more appealing to...
  • bibigo Hwangap Feast
    Indulge in bibigo Korean restaurant's Hwangap Feast at Beverly Hills location
    If you're tired of turkey after Thanksgiving, you have to head on over to bibigo Korean restaurant in Beverly Hills and take advantage of their amazing deal going on now until this Saturday, November 30 in celebration of the 60th anniversary...
  • VIXX
    All Star Korean Pop Band to Hit the Verizon Stage in Grapevine
    VIXX, a hugely popular Korean pop band is coming to Dallas, in a first of its kind venue. These boys as talented and vocally diverse as they are can harmonize, and bring you to your feet with excitement. Korean music brought to the forefront by...
  • Your ears will welcome the crackling sounds of sizzle at Da Rae BBQ Restaurant
    Da Rae BBQ Restaurant: Fresh Korean food for both Koreans and non-Koreans alike
    Although a plethora of Koreans live in Fullerton and the areas surrounding the city, for some reason it can be quite the hassle to find good Korean food. Even more, if you are of non-Korean origins, it can be frustrating trying to eat at a Korean...
  • Korean Festival 2013
    Got my grub on during the Korean Festival 2013
    The Hawaii Korean Festival (하와이 한인축제) kicked off its 2013 celebration this past Friday and Saturday. Sadly I wasn't able to attend on Friday, but Saturday was packed with great food and events. From the talented duo of the talent show ...
  • "Padak" poster
    eigoMANGA enters 'Padak into Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival
    Sponsored by eigoMANGA, the Korean animated film "Padak" by director & writer Lee Dae Hee under his new E-Dehi Animation label will be an official entry in the Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival. "Padak"...
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