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  • Kiwi the powerful fruit
    Kiwi Just a spoon scoop away from health
    Did you know that Kiwi fruit are also called Chinese gooseberry? Kiwi are plentiful in stores and can be a great addition to your diet. You’ll notice as you cut into a kiwi that it’s colored all the way through which is something to...
  • Benefits of adding kiwi to the children's diet
    Benefits of adding kiwi to a child's diet
    Adding more of any kind of fruit to a child's diet can be greatly beneficial. Not only will it help you steer clear of sugary goods that can promote diabetes, but the nutritional value alone can increase physical and mental attributes. Kiwi is...
  • Kiwi-ism's: Kio Ora
    Top 10 ‘Kiwi-isms’: Words and things to know before you go to New Zealand
    While beauty and adventure may be the pinnacle reasons for your hop across the pond, you’ll enjoy taking in some of the bits 'n' pieces that add to New Zealand’s culture and their ‘Kiwi way’.To help with your Kiwi...
  • An injured Kiwi bird is cared for at an animal rescue sanctuary in New Zealand.
    Animal Spotlight: Kiwi
    Kiwis are flightless, ground-dwelling birds that are native to New Zealand that happen to share their name with a fruit. Although they are not well-known in other parts of the world, they can be seen in some zoos and they are so beloved by new...
  • Unique benefits and flavor from this edible berry
    Unique benefits and flavor from this edible berry
    Distinctive benefits from an exotic berry known as the ‘longevity fruit’. One of our most popular fruits today, kiwi was used in Chinese traditional medicine as a preventive agent against cancer. Actinidia deliciosa and A.chinensis are...
  • Queenstown Public House is a refreshing Kiwi experience
    Queenstown Public House is a refreshing Kiwi experience
    Nestled in a charming cottage, Queenstown Public House is a standout in a neighborhood best known for pizza and pasta. It is a part of the Bare Back Grill family and more chic than its sister Raglan Public House in Ocean Beach.Diners are treated...
  • Ho, ho, ho
    Celebrating with Santa apples, kiwi reindeer and pineapple candles
    I’ve always enjoyed playing with my food. It started in the high chair when I was a toddler and now, fifty-some years later I still get a kick out of it. And yes, I still get yelled at for playing with my food.This Christmas season is no...
  • A spiced fruit dish in an array of colors
    An array of colorful, spiced fruits
    This week, I've been sharing recipes that the family can make together for Mom for Mother's Day. With all thatthey dofor us, Moms everywhere will appreciate having the day off and being able to put their feet up and relax!On Monday, I...
  • Watermelon mango salsa
    Watermelon mango salsa
    While you may not find many (or any!) of my salsas in Mexico, I have a lot of fun blending flavors to create unique dips. I find that adding cilantro and lime to pretty much anything you’ve chopped up finely gives it that ‘salsa’...
  • New Zealand Travel - Campervan Style
    New Zealand Travel - Campervan Style
    It seems that everyone who visits New Zealand travels by campervan. There are so many obvious reasons why. First, the country is packed full of beautiful small towns, river valleys, mountain ranges, sea shores, and farmland that the best way to...
  • cake
    Get the most of Winter produce before the season is over
    In Southern California we have the best of all worlds. In summertime we have the beaches, cherry season here in Cherry Valley, snowboarding in the mountains during winter, shopping in the desert and just about everything else in between. We might...
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