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  • May the 4th is with you.
    May the 4th is with you.
    This is the 4th of May, which is day 124 of this calendar year. On this date in 1910, an action by the Canadian Parliament created the Royal Canadian Navy.Also, on this date in 1905, Kelowna, in the western Canadian province of British Columbia,...
  • Spierhead Winery
    A Visit to Spierhead Winery
    High up on the slope east of the city of Kelowna in the Okanagan Valley, there's a distinctive yellow building. The structure was built in 2010, houses that houses the calm and informal tasting room of Spierhead Winery, and is also where all...
  • FIELDS OF GREEN perform at KELOHA  -  Saturday, July 6th  -  Island Stage  -  3:00 PM  -
    KELOHA PROFILES: FIELDS OF GREEN prove homegrown is a natural high
    1 day until the curtain on the KELOHA Festival drops along the Waterfront Park of scorching hot Kelowna B.C., and no one could be more stoked to hit the stage than the city’s very own pride and joy, FIELDS OF GREEN.Fresh off the heels of a...
  • ROCKED@ROCOCO - Boys chase girls on and off the runway
    ROCKED@ROCOCO - Boys chase girls on and off the runway - PART 1 of 3
    Well, I am very glad to say that I was one of a couple hundred "non-naysayers" who believe in the power of hard work, determination, entrepreneurship and a dedication to making style happen. If there is ANYONE who was definitely not...
  • CAPITAL CITIES perform at KELOHA  -  Sunday, July 7th  -  Island Stage  -  7:15 PM  -
    KELOHA PROFILES: CAPITAL CITIES wear their sunglasses at day
    AAAHHHHHHH grrrrrr pffffff!!! Now do I have to pack some wardrobe changes for the upcoming KELOHA festival?!Fine, I've completely fallen for the massive sunglasses and by the end of summer, I hope we all look like Capital Cities. Oversized,...
  • NEON KITTEN BURLESQUE - Friday, June 21st @ Habitat -
    NEON KITTEN CABARET is bringing a purrrr to the Habitat TONIGHT!!!
    Clear your TGIF calendar this week, pour yourself a proper Manhattan and sidle your sultry skins down to the Habitat in Kelowna TONGIHT, this Friday, June 21st, or some kittens will scratch our proverbial eyes out!The feisty NEON KITTEN CABARET is...
  • DEAR ROUGE performs at KELOHA - July 5th - 7th - Kelowna, B.C.  -
    KELOHA PROFILES: DEAR ROUGE spreads warmth through organic concepts
    DEAR ROUGE performs at KELOHA - July 5th - 7th - Kelowna, B.C. - www.keloha.comWhat a beautiful beginning to an early summer morning. Fresh banana and strawberries over almond milk, birds singing outside, happy puppies sunbathing in the grass, and...
  • "The Rock 'N Rococo Affair" - Saturday, June 8th - Kelowna B.C.
    ROCOCO lands in Kelowna's welcoming arms - "A Rock 'N Rococo Affair" - June 8th
    Rococo - ro-co-co - a style of art, architecture or decorative art that originated in France in the Early 18th Century.Envision with me Marie Anoinette, one of the most elaborately adorned beauties of classic-modern times. Intricate lace gowns,...
  • LA CAGE AUX FOLLES @ Kelowna Actors Studio - Until April 20th -
    LA CAGE AUX FOLLES @ Kelowna Actors Studio - Le revue officiel - Part Two
    Alright, let's get right down to new business shall we? La Cage Aux Folles @ Kelowna Actors Studio, playing now until April 20th ... not to be missed.For those of you who have seen "The Birdcage", you are familiar with the premise of...
  • LA CAGE AUX FOLLES - Live at Kelowna Actors Studio - April 3rd - 20th -
    LA CAGE AUX FOLLES - Kelowna Gurlz Gone WILD!!!
    There is a time in a mans life when he just has to admit that musical theatre gets stuck in your head and makes you want to throw all testosterone to the wind and dance! Well at least this mans life! ...and I'm afraid there's no looking...
  • Vuk Prodanovic stars in the upcoming production of Disney's My Son Pinocchio at Actors Studio presented by World of Yum Magazine
    Wish Upon a Star!! - MY SON PINOCCHIO follows its nose to Kelowna
    Close your eyes, right now, and remember when you were just a little gaffer.Envision a talking, dancing cricket dazzling your imagination and bringing out a giggle. Now remember the thud of your heart when a little boy was whisked away to Pleasure...
  • 101227225500resized_deadmau5live.jpg
    Deadmau5 prepares to turn Kelowna on it's Flipside
    Kelowna, BC is on the verge of a mass hysterical post-Christmas breakdown, due to the efforts of 2 groundbreaking production companies in a brilliant partnership! Wet Ape Productions and Flipside Entertainmentare taking Kelowna by storm this week,...
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