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  • What happened to food quality, processed cereals, and ingredients labeling?
    What happened to food quality, processed cereals, and ingredients labeling?
    You may wish to see this noteworthy documentary on what's happened to the quality of food. "Fed Up!" The big picture of the documentary mentioned in an article on the documentary's website is that in the harvest of 1999, 60% of...
  • Kashi
    Kellogg settles Kashi food labeling lawsuit
    Kellogg, breakfast cereal king and owner of the Kashi brand, has agreed to settle a lawsuit over its use of the words “All Natural” and “Nothing Artificial” on the labeling of certain Kashi products, according to a New York...
  • A sign of the times
    Kellogg's Memphis lockout a chilling sign of the times
    The former employees of the Kellogg’s plant in Memphis are now in untenable positions. Their union (Bakery, Confectionary, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers) refused to agree to a modest, benevolent management proposal – that all new...
  • Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts going nutty
    Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts going nutty
    The Kellogg Company recently introduced a new line of flavors to their Pop-Tarts brand: “Gone Nutty!” according to the Huffington Post today. This new product is available in two flavors, Peanut Butter and Frosted Chocolate Peanut...
  • March 7 is National Cereal Day
    A good breakfast choice: March 7 is National Cereal Day
    Cereal is the most popular breakfast food in the United States, but that wasn’t always the case. Most people used to eat a bigger breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, and sausage every morning up until the 1860s. .By the end of the 19th...
  • If you don’t have time to eat your cereal breakfast, you can drink it (Photos)
    If you don’t have time to eat your cereal breakfast, you can drink it (Photos)
    It was reported on Feb. 20, 2013 by Associated Press that Kellogg and General Mills are rolling out cereals in the form of a beverage. In recent past months the two cereal giants Kellogg and General Mills decided to make drinkable cereals since...
  • breakfast
    Kellogg’s awards two New York schools $1.5K grants
    Action for Healthy Kids® (AFHK) announced today that nearly 70 schools in 25 states have received more than $1,500 each in School Grants for Healthy Kids, funded by the Kellogg’s ® Share Your Breakfast ™ campaign. The grants...
  • Woman Eating Cereal
    Kellogg’s recalls cereal due to metal fragments
    Today Kellogg announced a voluntary recall of 282,000 cases of Mini Wheats cereal sold in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. According to ABC News, the company states there is an “unlikely but possible presence of fragments of flexible metal mesh...
  • Circumcision
    About 30 percent of the world’s male population is circumcised according to the World Health Organization in 2008. Therefore, un-circumcised men far outnumber the genital-mutilated men on planet Earth. Socrates, Alexander the Great, Julius...
  • Modern Toilet
    Constipation: The modern plague part 3
    After reading the past two constipation articles, you’re probably wondering what to do about it. Theory can be nice and glossy on paper, but it doesn’t always measure up to the multi-dimensions of real life. My goal with these last two...
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