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  • The seal of the City and County of San Francisco
    San Francisco rises from the ashes
    Again, after the fire of June 22, 1851 San Francisco courageously rebuilt, and this time many of the buildings were replaced by brick structures that proved much more resistant to fire. And when, on November 9, 1852, yet another fire broke out on...
  • Fourth fire in San Francisco
    More fires hit gold rush San Francisco
    On Friday, June 14th, 1850 at eight in the morning the fire started in a bakery on the east side of Kearny Street between Sacramento and Clay. The wind blew in hard from the west, across the city towards the bay, and the flames spread rapidly the...
  • The second great fire in San Francisco
    The second great fire in San Francisco
    A little more than four months passed since the first Great Fire when, around four in the morning on Saturday May 4, 1850 at a drinking and gambling house called the United States Exchange, flames broke out again and spread quickly east, north,...
  • The great fire of 1849 San Francisco
    The first great fire of San Francisco
    While San Francisco grew at an astonishing rate in the years directly after the discovery of gold, with houses spreading in every direction and populated by people from across the world, there were drawbacks. By the turn of the next century the...
  • San Francisco 1849
    The incredible growth of San Francisco in 1849
    Early records and accounts of arrivals to the city all agree that the growth of San Francisco in 1849 was unparalleled. The number of residents, estimated to be two thousand in February, three thousand in March, five thousand in July had increased...
  • Mission Delores before 1906
    A toll road for San Francisco
    While work was going on to repair the streets of San Francisco, paid for partly from city funds and partly by the property owners, an enterprising man named Charles L. Wilson proposed to build a plank road at his own expense out to the Mission...
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