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  • Anti-Bullying Policies
    Parkway School District's Anti-Bullying Policy falls short with outdated info.
    Reportedly, the Parkway School District PTA has become concerned over some controversial Tweets in the popular social networking website, Twitter. Apparently, the Tweets in question referenced sexual innuendo, drug use, racial slurs, and name...
  • AMBER ALERT: BEL NOR (Saint Louis County)
    AMBER Alert issued by Bel Nor Police
    The Bel Nor Police Department has issued an AMBER-ALERT for a child abduction that occurred within the last 24-hours beginning, Thursday 30-May 2013. The child, Luvell Maurice Dukes, an 8-year-old, is believed to be with Von Harrell. Bel Nor is...
  • Mother daughter argument turns physically violent
    Hazelwood mother kicks daughter while she is down for the count!
    Hazelwood Police were called to the 140 block of Reasor Drive for a domestic argument between Harmon Camden, 37 and her 14-year old daughter. Camden had allegedly punched her daughter in the face and ears and kicked her in the back while stomping...
  • Dog dragged on highway by vehicle
    Puppy dragged behind truck on I-55 continues recovery
    People argue that all Pit-Bulls areferocious animals but it would seem that in this case, this Pit-Bull was the victim here.A 5-month-old puppy who was rescued after being tethered to the back of a truck and dragged along Interstate 55 had to have...
  • Witness to Crime Shot in Head
    Not so happy holiday, woman shot in head after witnessing crime
    According to police, a man and woman in their 20s were driving near the intersection of Lafayette and South Grand just before 4:00 a.m. today. They noticed a man and woman suspectrunning near a parked car who had just committed a crime. Apparently...
  • Gas Station Gas Pumps
    Five weeks of free gas from St. Louis Awake
    Free gas seems too good to be true, right? However, it is true. Did someone wave a magical wand? Not really. However, in a sense you may feel like your gas-hungry vehicle just got transformed like Cinderella’s pumpkin turned coach if you are...
  • Breaking News SARAA Alert: Parental Kidnaping Alert
    Breaking News SARAA Alert: Parental Kidnaping Alert
    According to KSDK-News, a SARAA alert has been issued for Brittany Jones, 14, who was kidnapped by her fater. Apparently, the child was in protective custody by DFS at Cardinal Glennon. This kidnapping is a High Alert because she was a recipient...
    Yollar savings comes to St. Louis KMOV channel 4
    KMOV is bringing Yollar to St. Louis in November. What is Yollar? It's a way to save money in St. Louis. How much money? Between 50-90%. It's easy and free to sign up to save. If you sign up now, you'll receive $5.00 toward your first...
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