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  • Giraffe Kiss
    Giraffe kisses zookeeper: Giraffe and cancer-stricken zookeeper share dying kiss
    Giraffe kisses zookeeper: A giraffe's zookeeper kiss for a dying cancer patient who worked at a Dutch zoo is one of the most captivating internet photos, and reveals a tender bond rarely seen between the wild animal kingdom and their human...
  • Cookies made famous from a contest
    Cookies made famous from a contest
    Since the 1940's, Pillsbury, the flour and baking mix company, have sponsored a famous Bake-Off Recipe Contest. This is the "Olympics" of those who cook and bake, with cooks nationwide competing for large cash prizes. Cooks from all...
  • Top 5 kisses on 'Once Upon a Time'
    Top 5 kisses on 'Once Upon a Time'
    Valentine's Day is a day manufactured for love, hopeful romance, courting your intended, flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep and hopefully ending the evening with true love's kiss. In the spirit of the day, the...
  • Best movie kisses
    Movie kisses that are still remembered
    A kiss is the act of pressing one's lips against the lips of another person. A kiss can express sentiments of love, passion, affection, respect, greeting, friendship and good luck, among many others.In some situations a kiss is a ritual,...
  • World's Most Famous Kisses:  Most Memorable Smooches On and Off-Screen
    Famous Kisses: World's Most Memorable Smooches On and Off-Screen
    While fragrant flowers, sparkling gems and decadent chocolate are the perfect way to say "I love you" onValentine's Day, nothing quite says romance like a kiss from that special someone. Whether it's a wet and sloppy one, a quick...
  • Holiday 2012 Lip Color: Make your lips ready for passionate kisses (Video)
    Holiday 2012 Lip Color: Make your lips ready for passionate kisses (Video)
    The holidays have arrived , time for mistletoe, champagne and passionate kisses. Thanks to new products, keeping on lip coloris easier than you might think. Many stain productsare on the market that keep both color and shine. Lip stains take time...
  • Where to look and what to wear: tricks or treats?
    Dating 101: Costumes for tricks or treats?
    Mea Culpa for the frightful and haunting Examiner pop ups- Boo- Examiner.See all Page Larkin columns via Wordpress - "Suddenly Single Minded"Your first date and trick-or-treating could be hauntingly similar. Both require identical...
  • Kisses
    The art of kissing
    When most people see this title, they think it’s going to be an article about how to kiss your partner or the different types of kisses. This article is geared in a different direction with kissing. It’s not about how to kiss but on...
  • Love Daily
    Love Daily: A week of love, 12.05.10
    Once again, a week of love. In my Providence Journal column today [see link] I talk about the new research on gratitude. These scientists have found that by expressing gratitude we can become a more appreciative person. In other words, we can...
  • Love Daily
    Love Daily: Kissing quotes, Nov. 30, 2010 (Slideshow)
    From fairy tales to Casablanca with its haunting sounds of "A kiss is just a kiss. A sigh is just a sigh. The fundamental rules apply. As time goes by" -- we love kisses and we love being in love.And as time goes by, keep in mind that a...
  • Home Video with Kisses at Popscene Thursday November 11th
    Home Video with Kisses at Popscene Thursday November 11th
    The Brooklyn based electronic duo, Home Video, is making a stop at Popscene this Thursday for their newest album The Automatic Process. Members David Gross and Collin Rufino were discovered by Warp Records in 2004, and have produced several EPs...
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