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  • Evelyn & Arthur hosts charity shopping day
    Evelyn & Arthur hosts charity shopping event for World Kidney Day
    In recognition of World Kidney Day on Thursday, March 12, fashion retailerEvelyn & Arthur will host a charity shopping event at its Palm Beach location to benefit the National Kidney Foundation of Florida. The store will donate 100 percent of...
  • The posterior surfaces of the kidneys, showing areas of relation to the parietes.
    Kidney health tied to diet in three new studies
    Dr. Nimrit Goraya from Texas A&M College of Medicine, Dr. Eiichiro Kanda from Tokyo Kyosai Hospital, and Dr. Deidra Crews from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine presented new findings that link diet to kidney health at the Nov. 9,...
  • A human kidney
    Urinary tract infections are more difficult to treat with current antibiotics
    Mayo Clinic writes thata urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in any part of your urinary system, which includes your kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra. Most of these infections involve the lower urinary tract, which is made up of the...
  • Kidneys
    Prevent aging with healthy kidney function
    University of Houston Assistant Professor of Pharmacology Mohammad Asghar recently received a $1.5mil grant from the NIH's National Institute on Aging for his pursuit of treating hypertension associated with inclining age.Resistant...
  • low carbohydrate high fat diet
    Kidney function not harmed by low carb high fat diets
    New research reveals these no harm to individuals following this dietFor a long time the true held belief of those low carbohydrate high fat diets like Atkins had caused harmful effects on the kidneys. Now research demonstrates that long held...
  • Graviola can be purchased at Newman's Nursery on Cerrillos Rd before the outlet mall.
    David Wolfe says graviola good for brain, kidneys, and blood sugar control
    Yeah, for the power of herbs. Most locals have never hear of graviola. Fortunately, Herbs Etc. sells some. Herbs Etc. is located on Cerrillos Rd just before Baca St. in Santa Fe NM. Herbs Etc. products are available at most health food stores...
  • Michigan health officials investigate kidney cancer cluster
    Michigan health officials investigate kidney cancer cluster
    A suspected cluster of rare kidney cancers occurring in Marine City, Michigan, are being investigated by Michigan health officials following the diagnosis of a six-month-old girl in March. Over the last four years, five cases have been diagnosed...
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