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  • California Gov. Jerry Brown signs "eraser button" law for teens
    California Gov. Jerry Brown signs "eraser button" law for teens
    It is an unprecedented law signed Monday September 23 by Governor Jerry Brown which gives teens under the age of 18 to remove their own postings on websites such as Google and Facebook, posted in the Huffington post by reporter and blogger...
  • SAT I and ACT Tools
    SAT I and ACT Tools
    It’s been said that success for students taking SAT I and ACT can only result from extensive preparation but, if you are a firm believer in hard work and determination the below lists are tools for you and your child. If also, your child did...
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    Over 130 FREE ‘test prep’ books available for download in limited-time offer
    One of the nation’s leaders in test prep, Kaplan Publishing (a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company) is offering more than 130 eBooks as FREE downloads. This extraordinary offer has been extended through January 17, 2011, and includes...
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    Credit and criminal background checks may get companies sued
    The Unemployment rate in Los Angeles County was marked at 12.5% during October 2010. Of the 12.5%, African Americans and Latinos made up over half of the percentage recorded. Although the economic crisis has affected everyone in Los Angeles County...
  • Wake Up Everybody!
    Do the Prep: Ceasar Mitchell's College Prep Series provides insight on college
    In "old-school" hip-hop circles, the "prep" is one of a number of dances that are done in rhythm and in sync with the fun, festive-filled music of the genre. On Saturday, while the nearly 300 people in attendance might not have...
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