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  • The keys to the kingdom
    The keys to the kingdom
    It came to pass one day that a messenger from heaven came down with the keys to the kingdom in her hand. Her mission was to offer those keys to any who would listen.She came upon a group praying and spoke to their leader.“Here are the keys...
  • the brightness of you
    No greater authority than the inner voice
    There is no greater authority than consulting with your own inner voice. If you have not learned how to do this now would be a good time to learn.
There is but one authority upon whom to place your trust and that is Hashem. Now there are many who...
  • Rising in the sky
    Mazal is what it all depends upon
    In the Tikkunei Zohar it says that ‘And upon keter depends children, life and sustenance for it is the mazal of all,and of itself is not dependent upon any mazal.And thus they established: ‘children, life and sustenance do not depend...
  • Tikkunei Zohar Revealed
    Tikkunei Zohar Revealed
    This is the first complete English commentary on the entire Tikkunei Zohar. There are translations of parts each of the seventy Tikkunim and in addition translations of parts of each of the 148 sections, side a and side b.The commentary spans the...
  • Sunsets revealing the grandeur of the world
    All that you contemplate comes to fruition
    Learn how to direct your thoughts on high. In this way you will become both initiator and he acted upon. What this means is that wherever you send your thought it will return to you a perfect image of that unto which it was sent.How then can you...
  • Rays of luminance
    Higher realms of unified being
    There are no small consequences. Everything no matter how tiny is infinite in its connection to the whole.What we are seeking to achieve and maintain is a unified awareness. It is via this unified awareness that we begin to see connections that...
  • Wisdoms light
    The alchemy of thought
    Thoughts change according to our focus. They move they grow determined by our interest and the intensity that we bring to bear in order to maintain that focus.A story is told of a king who had the world's most powerful army. It took many years...
  • Half a cloud
    Lay the groundwork for your success
    Become a part of the unity of being. Send your thoughts like rainbows that are our gifts retreat from the ground to the heavens.Imagine that your thought is a building block to your success. Consider then carefully the kind of material that you...
  • quintessence
    Shekinah is the current and the connection, the way in the way out
    We are here to discover the purpose of Creation. How we do this is to bring about the same set of circumstances in our lives that mirror the ongoing Creation. We are in effect being prompted by our inner sense of being to reach out and immerse...
  • Solstice
    Serendipity and the power of daydreams Part Two
    This continues and adds to the story from last month's post, Serendipity and the Power of Daydream with some more insights about how this meeting was meaningful to each of us. If you didn't read that story yet, you'll need to go here...
  • Worlds without end
    Imagine then for yourself worlds without end
    Worlds intersect one another and are born and pass away again every moment. Now this could an interesting metaphor if it was not an exact description of the metaphysical operations of the unity in its timeless expression of being.It is experience...
  • Visions in the sky
    The singularity its purpose and meaning.
    All of us at some time in our lives or even at the point of death must come into contact with the Singularity. It is the idea of unity. It is the one of being that we discover in an instant of supreme awakening that we all of a sudden come to know...
  • Visions in the clouds
    The three stages of awakening
    There are three stages of awakening. One happens when we are in a dream and we awaken to the realization that we are dreaming. Two is when we wake up in our every day conscious awareness and Three is when we transcend that conscious awareness and...
  • A fence of Torah
    Build a fence of Torah around you
    "Moses received the Torah at Sinai and transmitted it to Joshua, Joshua to the elders, and the elders to the prophets, and the prophets to the men of the Great Synagogue. "The latter used to say...make a fence round the Torah."...
  • Light streaking across the sky
    The principles of Kabbalah
    Understanding the symbols of Kabbalah can be a lifelong undertaking filled with meanings piled upon meanings.
You'll learn a list that presents a hierarchy of thought and yet memorization will not bring you any closer to their comprehension...
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