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  • SS Leopoldville at ocean's bottom
    On the relativity of heroes and heroism, Part 2
    Author's Thoughtspertaining to submarine warfare about which he knows absolutely nothing other than to say he has watched the 1958 feature Run Silent, Run Deep, a not untypical naval warfare film about the psychological and strategic tension...
  • Anti-Israel BDS Student for Justice in Palestine supporter shoves camera in this reporter's face. his re
    Anti-Israel BDS boycott pushed again at UNM, Student Senate Pushes Back
    After failing to pass their anti-Israel boycott resolutions last year at the University of New Mexico, the Students for Justice in Palestine student club returned to the final meeting of the undergraduate student senate on April 22 to present...
  • The divine above
    What about God?
    What about God? You hear a lot about this religion or that or this belief or that but contemplation of the Eternal is lost in the rush to declare one side or the other in a kind of spiritual gamesmanship.
God is all powerful. What does this mean?...
  • Awesome light
    Look beyond the vanishing point of your awareness
    Look at the horizon. There is a point beyond where you cannot see any further. Even if you are flying in a plane high enough to see the curvature of the earth there is still this vanishing point. It moves as you move. This same type of phenomenon...
  • Obama spoke to Congregation Adas Israel trying to gain support for the Iran nuclear weapons deal
    Obama tries to sell Iran deal Palestinian state to Jewish community
    In what was supposed to be a speech emphasizing anti-Semitism and at event for American Jewish Heritage Month and Solidarity Shabbath, President Barack Obama spent more time trying to sell his impending nuclear deal with Iran and a Palestinian...
  • Harper reaffirmed his staunch support for Israel in speech when receiving the King David Award
    Harper shows solidarity with Israel at Montreal Jewish Community Council gala
    The Jewish Community Council of Montreal (Vaad Ha'ir) feted Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his unwavering and staunch support to Canadian Jewry and Israel. Harper was the honoree at the Jewish kosher certification organization'...
  • President Obama condemned anti-Semitism in a speech at D.C. synagogue May 22 for Jewish American Heritage Month
    President Obama condemned anti-Semitism in his speech at a D.C. synagogue May 22
    President Obama condemned the "deeply disturbing" rise in international anti-Semitism when he addressedD.C.'s Adas Israel synagogue May 22 for Jewish American Heritage Month."Anti-Semitism is, and always will be, a threat to...
  • Skokie Holocaust Memorial Monument
    How can this happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave?
    Author's Note: This piece I dedicate to my dear late friend, Anthony (Tony) "Budzo" Mazzulla, one of the funniest and most enabling persons it has been my privilege to know and count as a friend.1987 was a busy and important year for...
  • A male Women of the Wall supporter was arrested after trying to pass a Torah over to the Women's section
    Women of the Wall again barred from reading Torah as police arrest supporter
    The feminist Jewish women's prayer group Women of the Wall (WoW) Nashot HaKotel saw a step back in the goal of religious equality. Police and security barred them access to Torah scroll to read from during Rosh Hodesh Sivan services and...
  • Top of the Rockies SPJ Pro Region 9 first-place award for Schmidt
    Albuquerque Judaism Examiner wins first-place award in four-state news contest
    Journalist Diane Schmidt, regular contributor to the daily newspaper The Gallup Independent and in collaboration with the New Mexico Jewish Link, and writer of The Albuquerque Judaism Examiner, won two awards this weekend in Denver at the 2015...
  • Clouds away
    The return of woman
    It moves there underneath the surface.Like a wave it is ever changingRolling from beginning to endAnd then returning repeating and flowing.It hides itself from eyes focused on the outward formsAnd reveals itself to the inner vision there...
  • Desert Freedom
    Jubilee the Year of Freedom
    The Jubilee (Hebrew Yov-el יובל) year is the year at the end of seven cycles of Sabbatical years for the Land, (Lev 25:4 but in the seventh year there shall be a Shabbat of solemn rest for the land, a Shabba to the LORD. You shall neither sow your...
  • Rising above
    Alchemy Five
    The thing that I have found I have found inside myself.Of what is this that I have made that has been made”It is my simple understanding only available in the moment crystallization.I look where none can see.Around corners.Through windows...
  • Draw Muhammad
    Is it time to forget “Je suis Charlie?”
    It has been weeks since the world rose in righteous indignation to protest the savagery of the Moslems who attacked Charlie Hebdo in Paris, killing off several of the publication’s editors and artists in a move that was universally deplored....
  • Awakening the awareness of unity
    Tree of Life - the subconscious is permeated by unity
    The Tree of Life in Kabbalah is a result of the emanations above that arrange themselves in various levels of intertwining unity.On the esoteric plateau that is the source of these emanations these flows are analogous to how our thoughts come to...
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