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  • Taking Reponsibility
    I like Ike; General Eisenhower to Gen.Marshall: 'things that beggar description'
    Author's Note: Like President Truman who was his immediate predecessor in the White House, four-star General Dwight Eisenhower was a man of enormous courage and conviction. Unlike President Truman who finished out his military service with the...
  • Captain Louis Lenart, U.S. Marine Corp, combat pilot, first Israeli air force
    How "good" and "evil" coexist; an essay in memory of Lou Lenart
    Author's NoteHad this headline"Lou Lenart, pilot hailed as 'man who saved Tel Aviv,' dies at 94" (Los Angeles Times, July 24, 2015) not included the numeral "94", this writer would probably have missed an...
  • Sunset at the Center
    Fireflies and Stars
    The Sh’ma prayer, which in English is usually translated as “Hear O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One,” is known to the Jewish people as the watchword of our faith and was drummed into me as a child. The Hebrew words...
  • The very handsome dashing Oskar in his himmler monkey suit
    Congratulations Oskar Groning on reaching your 94th year
    Author's Note: The case against Oskar Groning is certainly one of the last of its kind. In an effort to demonstrate that murder cannot find refuge in the statute of limitations, the German Prosecutors Office wishes to demonstrate that the...
  • Man female one
    Male and female together as one eternally speaking
    Man and woman are one. The SHMA is clear in this conception.In the beginning (Elokim) male-female he created them.We, male and female are one person.The original sin is separation.This separation of male and female by the orthodox goes against the...
  • Civil War surgical amputation kit
    Does Man's Impartiality differ from that of his creator?
    Does Man's Impartiality differ from that of his Creator?G-d is no "respecter of persons" nor should any judge be.We learn from Parashas Shoftim שֹׁפְטִים – (Hebrew for "judges") that no "good" can come from...
  • Rise above the status quo
    Direct your thoughts to their highest purpose
    Direct your thoughts to their highest purpose. What is that purpose?It is the creation of the world moment by moment. We are not talking about just any world, it is your world, the world in which you live and breathe and have your being.Why for...
  • JewishEugenicsReichler
    Eternal Jewish Eugenics
    The popular impression is that the eugenics movement was a racist, anti-Semitic Nazi ideology inspired by Anglo-American elites. But this assumption is false! The first stages of plant and animal-breeding mark the end of the hunter-gatherer period...
  • Life Saver
    " ... because that's what you do in a herd," the Mammoth explained to the tiger
    Author's Note on context and usageThe following is a primary witness account of how the rabbinic leadership of a specific orthodox congregation in Skokie, Illinois responded with characteristic Abrahamic kindness to a całl from an anxious...
  • Megalomaniacs Hall of Fame
    Is the world inured to evil?
    Wire services today are reporting that ISIS is hoping to oust Hamas as the power brokers and controllers of Gaza. What does this mean for the future? If ISIS gains its desire, how will this bode for Israel? After all, Hamas which is supported by...
  • New space
    Channels of awakening awareness
    Words are merely placeholders for the flow of energy that is going to come through anyway. These words act as channels for the ensuing awareness. The act of focusing this awareness is called intentionThe Sephiroth are also known as channels...
  • John O. Hunwick
    Stunned and Saddened
    Author's Note:Links for parts 1 and 2 of my original story, published on the page of the Chicago Judaism examiner by, are provided below:
  • Calendar of Thorikos
    Ancient chronology, new model
    In Biblical chronology, people sort Biblical lives and events in the order of their happening, and define how many years passed between events. The Bible itself gives the first clues to Its own chronology. Sadly, different politicians and scholars...
  • Dylan Roof
    Charleston renews faith in decency
    When Dylann Storm Roof attacked innocent parishioners at Mother Emanuel in Charleston, according to statements he made before and after the heinous act, he hoped to provoke race wars in the United States. Absence of race wars shows how wrong he...
  • Tefillin
    Tefillin: A sign upon your hand / frontlets between your eyes
    A central feature of the weekday morning service is the donning by ritually of age Jewish males of Tallis (prayer shawl) and Tefillin (phylacteries). There is a 'tefillah' for the arm ('shel yad'), and one for the head ('shel...
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