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  • Megalomaniacs Hall of Fame
    Is the world inured to evil?
    Wire services today are reporting that ISIS is hoping to oust Hamas as the power brokers and controllers of Gaza. What does this mean for the future? If ISIS gains its desire, how will this bode for Israel? After all, Hamas which is supported by...
  • New space
    Channels of awakening awareness
    Words are merely placeholders for the flow of energy that is going to come through anyway. These words act as channels for the ensuing awareness. The act of focusing this awareness is called intentionThe Sephiroth are also known as channels...
  • John O. Hunwick
    Stunned and Saddened
    Author's Note:Links for parts 1 and 2 of my original story, published on the page of the Chicago Judaism examiner by, are provided below:
  • Calendar of Thorikos
    Ancient chronology, new model
    In Biblical chronology, people sort Biblical lives and events in the order of their happening, and define how many years passed between events. The Bible itself gives the first clues to Its own chronology. Sadly, different politicians and scholars...
  • Dylan Roof
    Charleston renews faith in decency
    When Dylann Storm Roof attacked innocent parishioners at Mother Emanuel in Charleston, according to statements he made before and after the heinous act, he hoped to provoke race wars in the United States. Absence of race wars shows how wrong he...
  • Tefillin
    Tefillin: A sign upon your hand / frontlets between your eyes
    A central feature of the weekday morning service is the donning by ritually of age Jewish males of Tallis (prayer shawl) and Tefillin (phylacteries). There is a 'tefillah' for the arm ('shel yad'), and one for the head ('shel...
  • Women of the Wall
    Jewish women must have the freedom to worship
    I just finished reading about the struggles that the women of the wall are having regarding their right to worship at the wall.Here in America we take freedom of worship for granted. It Israel there is a distinction between the freedom of worship...
  • Moshiach
    A foretaste of Moshiach
    It turns out that we are all working together in order to bring about the age of Mashiach. In order to understand this keep in mind that Consciousness is made up of everything. In shorthand that everything is summed up by Hashem designating this...
  • 72 Names of Hashem
    The significance of the 72 Names
    When we start to think about God I thought I would come up short. This because the nature of God is by definition infinite. However it is the nature of this infinity that provides us with myriad ways of approaching God. Therefore in Torah are...
  • Rachel Dolezal
    What is going on with Rachel Dolezal?
    For the last several days, television, radio and newspapers have been replete with reportage regarding the former head of the NAACP in Washington state. Why? Whom did she hurt? Is her skin color relevant to her dedication, self identity, or...
  • Screen grab of photojournalist Diane Schmidt as documented by UNMDivest streaming video
    Conversations with a student about black and white thinking
    When I approach discussions with friends like a lawyer browbeating her opponents, it surprises me that they don’t turn around and thank me and say, ‘you were right after all.’ I forget that sometimes diplomacy and compromise are...
  • Zivatofsky
    Jerusalem and the Holocaust
    The recent decision by the United States Supreme Court in Zivatofsky v Kerry to me is one of the most onerous miscarriages of justice to have ever occurred in the United States. It is not the majority’s reasoning that infuriates. Their...
  • metzitzah b'peh circumcision
    New York City's Board of Health may remove protection from Jewish infants
    A Jewish religious ritual known as metzitzah b'peh requires the rabbi or mohel who performs a circumcision on an eight-day-old boy to use their mouth to directly suck blood from the infant's bleeding penis immediately after the foreskin is...
  • " a figurehead," says Dr.Romirowsky
    Threatening Israel's existential right to be; interviewing Dr. Asaf Romirowsky
    Author's Note: I wish to acknowledge the tireless efforts of Rabbi Louis Lazovsky on behalf of the Chicago Jewish United Federation/Fund of which he is Vice President of Human Resources. In addition to his Federation responsibilities, Rabbi...
  • BDS
    Is the BDS tide turning?
    Perhaps the tide is turning.There is hardly a follower of events in the Middle East that is not amazed by the brilliance of the Palestinian PR machine and the ineptitude of Israel’s. Israel may be one of the most advanced countries in the...
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