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  • PIP pic 1
    How to successfully navigate a performance improvement plan: Part one
    Picture this, you’ve been called into your boss’s office and are presented with something called a Performance Improvement Plan, or PIP. Not having been through this before, you’re not quite sure what it all means or just how...
  • Earth
    Astronaut Ron Garan sets a call to action in The Orbital Perspective
    Astronaut Ron Garan wrote his new book, The Orbital Perspective, to communicate a call to action, and specifically, to help create a global movement -- a movement of inhabitants of planet Earth who are willing to set aside their differences and...
  • Networking In Kansas City
    March 3 features KC Small Business networking event
    The next KC Small Business Networking Event will take place on Tuesday, March 3 from 7:15 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the KC Chamber Board Room at Union Station, next to Pierpont’s, 30 West Pershing Rd., Kansas City, MO. The event is expected to...
  • 5 Good job opportunities hosted at Goodwill Career Solutions
    5 Good job opportunities hosted at Goodwill Career Solutions
    If ever there is a day for job searching, it is today! This week, Goodwill Career Solutions Centers throughout Middle Tennessee, are hosting various job opportunities. Motivated job seekers are encouraged to call and find out requirements needed...
  • 5 Ways to obtain a job in Middle Tennessee
    5 Ways to obtain a job in Middle Tennessee
    Job seeking and job hunting will be easier in Middle Tennessee if you are aware of the neighboring counties and realize the potential to work within a 15 to 20 minute drive. In Middle, Tennessee we have neighbors such asNashville 2locations:...
  • Escape Through the Wilderness
    Interview with Gary Rodriguez, author of 'Escape Through the Wilderness'
    Our guest today is Gary Rodriguez, author of the teens/children’s fiction, Escape Through the Wilderness. Gary is the president of LeaderMetrix Inc., a consulting company that specializes in senior-level executive coaching, organizational...
  • A good onboarding experience will reap benefits
    Characteristics of a good onboarding program
    To borrow a phrase, a good onboarding program is both high tech and high touch. A new employee should be surrounded with both physical evidence and virtual access to their new company and if possible, their new team. As stated in the previous...
  • Amazing ambition
    Amazing ambition: Art and Soul Concert
    It is does not surprise me that churches of all faith tend to demonstrate the most amazing performances in their choirs and musicians. Maybe it is that inspired passion behind stained glass windows that brings out the incredible talent of choirs,...
  • Stupidparty Math V. Myth
    Interview with Patrick Andendall, author of 'Stupidparty Math V Myth'
    Today’s guest is Patrick Andendall, author of the political book, Stupidparty Math V Myth: Unmasking the Destructive Forces Eroding American Democracy. Patrick has always had an interest in politics and, being multicultural, he views issues...
  • 8 tips for cultivating cross-cultural relationships in Atlanta
    8 tips for cultivating cross-cultural relationships in Atlanta
    Cross-cultural relationships and globalization are major contributors to Atlanta’s culturally diverse communities and businesses. These types of alliances are based on the accurate interpretation of body language and awareness of your first...
  • oil
    Why It's a Good Idea to Invest in Oil Now
    There are several market indicators that suggest now is the time to invest in oil. For the past five years, oil has maintained an average of $100 a barrel. Because of the high oil prices, companies have been able to search for the harder to reach...
  • A strong immune system gives you a career advantage
    A strong immune system gives you a career advantage
    Imagine that an employee has an important work assignment deadline that his manager has assigned him to meet, and it looks as if the employee will meet it. Then, the employee gets a bad cold, misses work for several days, and does not meet the...
  • Catering 101 : Rumormongers
    Catering 101 : Rumormongers
    Gerry from Fremont California was very much encouraged with a negotiation, closing to a final contract signing for a wedding reception. A seven course buffet for a 250 guests’ feast is underway from the hors d'oeuvres, soup to desserts,...
  • Trucking
    Should I Keep on Truckin’?
    Career advice for truck driversBackground: High Demand profession- Truck driver shortage expected to continue to peak in 2015.
  • Debt relief
    Top 3 Factors to Consider Before Hiring Debt Relief Company
    If you have been faded up by bearing the heavy load of your debt and want to enroll yourself in debt relief programs, then you have to make sure that you are dealing with a right organization that can bring a quick and convenient solution for your...