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  • Bobby Jindal
    Common Core: A Snapshot of the Shifts in Math
    It’s no secret that the common core standards are controversial, bringing out surprising venom from some parents and politicians. But like it or not, California has adopted the standards from the National Common Core and is moving forward...
  • Bobby Jindal
    Race and politics part I: Bobby Jindal, Republicans, and David Duke
    On the Sunday August 25, 2013 episode of Meet the Press, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke of his first election, some general sentiments regarding race in this country, and the history of race and politics in his state of Louisiana. Jindal...
  • Students love their teachers
    Louisiana Govenor Attacks Teachers
    As New Star, from Gannett, also comments on Bobby Jindal, our illustrious state governor (sarcasm fully intended). He is pushing through the state congress two bills that will severely undermine the current state of our already failing education...
  • Mississippi River historic rise forces Louisiana to open spillway
    Mississippi River historic rise forces Louisiana decision to open spillway
    UPDATE: Historic Morganza spillway opening to divert Mississippi River flooding (Video)In a rare move to protect the larger cities of Baton Rogue and New Orleans from a major flood disaster, Louisiana Army Corps of Engineers said they will open a...
  • Bonnie's projected path
    Bonnie pushes BP to evacuate
    Bonnie pushes BP to evacuate Tropical storm Bonnie has forced BP to stop work on its two relief wells and begin evacuating the 65-ship fleet of vessels currently involved in its disaster response efforts. BP’s Senior Vice President, Kent...
  • geraldherbert.jpg
    BP Oil spill looking like President Obama's Katrina, 2 of 2
    The Deepwater Horizon, BP Oil's rig explodes & begins to collapse, 4/21/10 AP Photo / Gerald HerbertDid you miss part 1? Read it here!Since being elected, President Obama’s position changed, and the mission to gain energy independence...
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